What is Spell Vamp in Mobile Legends?


In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you may have seen some items that give a “Spell Vamp” effect, and you’re probably not sure what it means.

In this quick guide we’ll explain what Spell Vamp means and how it works.

What is Spell Vamp?

Spell Vamp is basically just lifesteal for magic damage.

When you have a Spell Vamp effect, a percentage of magic damage you deal to enemies will be regenerated to your current Health Points (HP).

For example, Bloodlust Axe gives +20% Spell Vamp. This means that if you deal 100 magic damage to an enemy, your HP will be healed by 20 points (20% of 100 magic damage).

Since the HP restored from Spell Vamp is a percentage based on your magic damage, the higher your magic damage the higher lifesteal you get from your skills.

Who should use Spell Vamp?

Spell Vamp is great on heroes that mainly deal magic damage like Mages.

Alice for example is great with Spell Vamp items such as Concentrated Energy which gives +30% Spell Vamp. Alice has powerful AoE magic skills that can hit a lot of enemies, which means she’ll get more lifesteal.

More importantly, her ultimate skill also has a life drain effect, which makes her even more tanky and allows her to jump in the middle of a teamfight with confidence.

Fun Fact: The word Vamp actually came from Vampire—creatures that, as you probably already know, suck blood (and life) out of humans.

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