Axie Infinity Guide: Best Starter Teams for Beginners


Axie Infinity is a game where you can play to earn. But before you can even start playing, you need to build a starter team of three (3) Axies.

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Players need to pick their starter teams carefully, as this determines how fast you can earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and reach later levels in the game which give more rewards.

In this guide, we will teach you the basics of how to pick a perfect starter team for beginners. We’ll also list down the best Axie team setups that most players recommend.

Team Roles in Axie Infinity

Before even deciding which Axies to get, let’s first learn about the two main roles of Axies in Axie Infinity:

1. Defender (Tank)

Every team needs a durable Axie in the front lines to absorb all the damage from the enemy.

Tanks will defend your backlines as you try to gain energy and cards to perform a combo. Otherwise, all your squishy Axies will just die immediately before even getting the chance to land a powerful attack!

Plant and Reptile Axies usually have bonuses that allow better survivability, such as HP bonuses. Sometimes, Aquas are used as tanks too.

2. Attacker (Damage Dealer)

Attackers or Damage Dealers focus on dealing damage to the enemy. They usually have low HP and shield, so they need to stay behind a Tank to survive.

Beasts and Birds usually have cards that deal a good amount of damage, as well as high Speed and Morale bonuses.

Since Morale increases your chance to land critical hits, these Axies are perfect for a damage dealer role.

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Best Team Setups in Axie Infinity

These are some of the most popular and balanced team setups in Axie Infinity:

  1. Plant, Beast, Bird
  2. Plant, Beast, Aqua
  3. Plant, Beast, Beast

However, take note that there is no single best team setup in Axie Infinity. If there was, everyone would be using it to dominate the leaderboard!

Instead, we suggest prioritizing on the synergy and combination of your Axie’s parts more than the team setup.

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For example, a Plant with no shield cards doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

In the next section, we’ll teach you what to look out for when choosing your Starter Axies.

Best Stats for Starter Axies

The first thing you should look at when choosing Axies is their stats. Axies have four stat attributes:

  • Health — amount of damage the Axie can take before getting knocked out
  • Speed — the higher the Speed is, the earlier the Axie will attack in the turn order
  • Skill — increases damage when the Axie does a combo
  • Morale — increases chance to deal critical strike and enter “Last Stand”

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But how do you know which stats are good?

Simple: the highest possible amount per stat (except Skill) is 61.

This means, a Plant with about 55 Health for example, is a very durable tanker.

Meanwhile, damage dealers should have a decent amount of Speed and Morale.

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Best Cards/Abilities for Starter Axies

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Aside from the stats, the second most important thing to look at is its Abilities or Cards.

Tanks should have abilities that mostly allow him to survive longer, such as Shiitake and Rosebud to heal their HP.

Similarly, Damage Dealer Axies should mostly have cards that focus on battle and finishing off the enemy team instead of surviving. An example of a powerful combo would be a Single Combat paired with Nut Crack and Nut Throw.

Just remember: a great Axie should have cards that help him do its role instead of a mixture of defensive and offensive cards.

Is the Axie defending the team? Then he should mostly have cards that help him survive. Is the Axie an attacker? Then he should have lots of cards that deal damage.

What makes a good Axie team?

A good, well-balanced Axie team usually consists of the following:

  1. Tank
    • usually a Plant with shield and healing cards
    • should have a high HP stat (50+)
  2. Damage Dealer
    • should have at least 2-3 cards that deal 100 damage
    • should have high Morale and Skill
    • usually Beasts and Birds
  3. Utility
    • used to improve your team’s synergy, such as abilities to steal energy or draw more cards
    • you can swap this role for a 2nd Damage Dealer

If you are on a tight budget for your starter team, these qualities may be difficult to achieve.

But these are generally what you should aim for when building a new team.


Hopefully this guide helped you to have an idea on how to start building your starter team in Axie Infinity and what an ideal team looks like.

Don’t worry if you don’t find your perfect team at first—once you gain more experience with the game, you should soon be able to easily identify what makes an Axie powerful and what combinations can make a strong team!

Here are a couple more guides we’ve prepared for your Axie Infinity journey. Good luck!