How to Change Servers in Among Us

Electrical room sabotage in Among Us

If you want to play Among Us without too much lag and server connectivity issues, you need to make sure you’re playing on the correct server.

As more and more Crewmates are joining in to play the hit multiplayer game, its servers might get overloaded especially during peak hours.

Selecting the right server region can help fix these server disconnections which lead to a better gameplay experience.

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How to Get Skins, Hats & Pets in Among Us (Easiest Way!)

Among Us Crewmates and Impostor

In Among Us, players can customize their characters by unlocking different skins, hats and pets.

Although most cosmetics need to be purchased with real-life money, did you know that several items can be used for free depending on which platform you’re playing on?

If you want to stand out with your favorite outfits or look like a famous movie character, you’ll first need to learn how to unlock all the different skins and hats in the game.

Here’s how.

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17+ Best Outfits and Skin Combos in Among Us

Best Outfits and Skin Combo Ideas in Among Us

One really cool feature about Among Us is how you can customize your character’s outfits to suit your personality.

There’s tons of available hats, skins and colors to choose from—you can suit up like a classy businessman, or be goofy and look like an eggplant!

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The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: you’ll want to be the best-looking Crewmate (or Impostor) in the ship.

Here are the best outfit ideas in Among Us that will definitely make you stand out from the crew!

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What is “Confirm Ejects” in Among Us (Should You Enable It?)

What is Confirm Ejects and Should You Enable It Among Us

The best things about Among Us is how every single game setting can be customized and balanced according to your preference.

One such setting that confuses a lot of players is what the “Confirm Ejects” option does and whether to turn on or off.

In this quick guide, we will explain what the Confirm Ejects setting is.

Then, we’ll talk about whether you should leave the checkbox ticked or not. Let’s get started!

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