10 Ways to Get Tickets (Fast!) in Mobile Legends [2020]


Wanna know how to get a lot of Tickets in Mobile Legends? Here are 10 tips and methods on how to obtain those Tickets quickly!

What are Tickets used for in Mobile Legends?

Tickets are a type of currency in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

They are similar to Battle Points or Diamonds that can be used to purchase items or heroes in the shop, or unlock certain features in the game.


Here are the best uses for Tickets in Mobile Legends.

1. Buy heroes. Heroes usually cost Battle Points in the Shop. However there are some heroes that you can purchase using Tickets.

2. Lucky Spin Draw. You can spin the Lucky Spin draw with 20 Tickets for a chance to draw rewards and a free skin.

3. Emblem Draw. If you like the featured emblems in the Emblem Draw, you can also spend tickets to draw them.

4. Unlock Second Talent Page. You can unlock a second Talent page for 100 Tickets if you need a second emblem template for your heroes.

As you can see, Tickets are very useful in the game. Obtaining a lot of them will give you lots of advantage and more chances of winning a free skin.

Fortunately, the developers of ML gave us a lot of methods to earn free Tickets.

How to get tickets in Mobile Legends

Here are ten (10) ways on how to obtain Tickets fast!

The easiest way is to just simply login every day!


Tickets are rewarded on certain days like Day 2 and Day 6, so just logging in and doing nothing will already give you several tickets.

The Daily Login rewards window is located at Events > Daily Login tab.

2. Daily Supply Rewards

Another easy way similar to Daily Login is the Daily Supply rewards.

You have to do some simple tasks though, like winning one Rank/Classic/Brawl match or sharing a match report to Facebook.


Daily Supply rewards window is located in Events > Daily Supply tab.

3. Starlight Free & Member Rewards

Another method to gain Tickets is through the Starlight rewards.

You just need to gain enough Star Points to unlock Starlight levels. Reaching certain levels will give you Tickets for rewards.


You can still claim these rewards even if you are not a Starlight member, however Starlight members will get more Tickets (and other rewards) faster!

Check out our guide about the Starlight Membership for more details!

4. Finish Celestial Tasks

Clearing Celestial Tasks will also give you Ticket rewards.

These are simple tasks such as killing 5 creeps in a match, or completing 5 matches, etc.

The more difficult the task, the more rewards you will get!

Celestial Tasks are located in Daily Quests > Celestial Task tab.

5. Connect to Social Media Accounts

If you connect your Mobile Legends account to your social media accounts such as Facebook, you’ll instantly get 200 Tickets!

We highly recommend connecting your social media because it gives you several benefits and rewards too.

6. Ranked Season End Rewards

This is a great way to gain a lot of free tickets!

At the end of a Season, you’ll get Ticket rewards depending on your current Rank.


The higher Rank you reach at the end of a season, the more Tickets you’ll get!

In addition, you’ll get Battle Points too, and a Season Exclusive Skin if you’re Master rank or above.

So always make sure to watch out when the current season will end and do your best to at least reach the next Rank.

7. Ticket Rewards from Events

Always check the red notification badges in the Events tabs as well.


Events will often give out free Tickets as rewards. Sometimes you have to clear certain tasks too.

8. Ticket Rewards from Mail (Inbox)

Some messages that you receive in your Mail contains Tickets.

These are usually compensations for bug fixes or updates in the game.

Claim your mail rewards by clicking on the Mail envelope on the upper right and click “Claim All.”

9. Mentor & Apprentice Program

The Mentor & Apprentice program is another way to gain several Tickets in Mobile Legends.

If you find a Mentor and become an Apprentice, you can clear several tasks together and receive rewards.


Apprentices can gain a total of 400+ Tickets by clearing all the tasks.

Check out this guide for more details about the Mentor & Apprentice Program.

10. Weekly/Monthly Ticket Pass in Shop

This method will require you to spend cash on Diamonds!

You can purchase the Weekly Ticket Pass or the Monthly Ticket Pass from the Shop for several Diamonds.


After purchasing, you will get several Tickets each day:

  • Weekly Ticket Pass — 25 Tickets per ay for 7 Days
  • Monthly Ticket Pass — 35 Tickets per ay for 31 Days

You can claim these tickets from Daily Quests > Daily Rewards tab.


In this guide we discussed all the methods on how to gain lots of Tickets in Mobile Legends.

Hopefully this article can help you to collect those Tickets so you can buy those heroes and get those skins, among many others!

What’s your favorite method to obtain Tickets in the game? Did we miss something? Drop a comment down below!