Top 7 Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends [2020]

Top 7 Best Marksman Heroes 2019 Mobile Legends Bang Bang guide

Wanna know which Marksmen are the strongest in the current meta on Mobile Legends?

If you’re tired of losing and you want to carry your team to victory with those Savage kill streaks, this guide is for you!

Top 7 Best Marksmen in Mobile Legends (2019)

The Marksman role is one of the most crucial roles in Mobile Legends but also the most fun to play.

As the main DPS carry, your role is to keep farming until you get your core items. Then, it’s time to join team fights and shred the enemy team to bits.

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In every season, there’s always a small set of Marksman heroes that stand out from the rest.

Here are our picks for the top 7 best Marksmen in the current meta. Note that this list is not sorted in any particular order.

1. Claude

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Claude is personally one of my favorite heroes and is one of the most OP Marksmen in the game.

Claude Item Build Marksman Hero Guide Mobile Legends

He needs a bit of practice and mastery to use him to his full potential. But once you do, you’ll be one of the deadliest and most feared heroes on the map.

Claude has amazing mobility with his first and second skill. Thanks to his ulti and super fast attack speed, he can also delete enemies in a matter of seconds, even the beefy tanks.

Claude’s power spike is once he acquires Demon Hunter Sword. His monkey assistant Dexter fires an extra shot every time Claude attacks, and item effects such as the DHS’s percentage based damage works on Dexter’s attacks. This is what makes Claude so powerful.

2. Kimmy

Kimmy is one of the most hated and commonly banned heroes in ranked matches. This is because she is just one of the most OP heroes in Mobile Legends.

Kimmy Marksman hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

She possesses a lot of characteristics a good Marksman should have: a dash skill for mobility, a ranged slow skill, good poking capability for dominating her lane, plus an ability to farm fast.

To top all of that off, she can move while shooting! Oh, and she doesn’t have mana! And using her dash skill generates energy instead of consuming it! Whaaat?!

Once farmed and geared up, she can easily wipe out enemy teams. And good luck to enemies who will try to chase her!

Get a Sprint or Purify spell, and a Mage/Marksman emblem on her and you’re good to go.

Her aim takes a bit of practice, so we recommend practicing a few bot games first when you first buy Kimmy. But once you master her aiming, you’ll be unstoppable!

3. Granger

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Granger has one of the best burst damage among all the Marksmen in the game.

Granger Marksman hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Like Kimmy, he has a dash, has no mana (uses energy instead), his farming speed is incredible, and he can survive even without a Tank or Support by his side.

Unlike Claude and Kimmy, Granger doesn’t have too much of a learning curve so he is a great option even for beginners as he is pretty easy to master.

Finally, what makes Granger stand out from most Marksmen is he is able to contribute to his team right away even from the early game when everyone doesn’t have their core items yet.

4. Lesley

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Lesley is a perfect Marksman thanks to two of her main attributes: an incredible long attack range, and lots and lots of burst crit damage!

Lesley hero marksman assassin Mobile Legends Bang Bang

As a Sniper, she can keep harassing and attacking her enemies from a safe distance. Her first skill makes her semi-invisible, increases her attack speed, and gives her next attack a powerful buff thanks to her passive.

Once geared up with her core items that increase her critical damage, Lesley is insanely deadly during the late game. She is capable of literally 1-shotting her enemies even when they’re at near full health.

While other Marksmen are known for dealing fast attacks, Lesley only fires a bullet every few seconds—but each one packs a powerful fatal punch. Boom, headshot!

5. Karrie

Another very powerful Marksman hero not to be trifled with is Karrie.

Karrie Marksman hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

She has great burst damage especially when equipped with Endless Battle. She has a multi-dash skill which gives her decent mobility.

She can farm pretty fast as well and in the late game, her incredible attack speed and damage can easily take down any opponent.

Like most MM heroes, Karrie isn’t too much of a tank. The good thing is, she only requires a few core items to go online, so the rest of the items slots can accommodate for items that enhance her survivability.

6. Moskov

If you’ve ever faced a Moskov in lane, you’ll know how annoying he is!

Moskov is known for his spear attacks that pierce through the enemies. Although he has a short attack range, this passive makes up for it since it allows him to hit enemies in the backline.

Moskov Marksman hero Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Hitting enemies with the pierce effect also lowers the cooldown of his skills. Once you master his positioning and make use of this piercing attack effect, Moskov will be really deadly in the lane and in team fights.

He has a teleport blink skill, a CC skill that can pin enemy heroes into a wall, and a powerful AoE ulti skill that can snipe low HP heroes.

Moskov heavily relies on farm, but in the late game he can melt his opponent’s health points in a matter of seconds.

7. Irithel

You probably keep hearing this phrase from your teammates: “let’s end this quickly before Irithel gets farmed in the late game!” And they’re probably almost always correct.

Irithel can wipe out your whole team when she’s fully equipped in the late game.

Irithel Marksman hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

She has a unique passive that lets her fire three shots in each auto-attack.

She is also another of the few heroes who can move while attacking. This makes her very deadly because that means she can attack while chasing enemies or when escaping from them.

Her first and second skills can deal powerful AoE damage that will pierce through the whole enemy team.

Finally, Irithel’s ultimate skill gives her an incredible damage bonus for several seconds which lets easily carry her team to victory in the late game.


Hopefully this guide can help you decide which Marksman to buy or pick in your next games.

Remember, regardless of the hero, a good Marksman must know how to balance farming, joining team fights and pushing/taking down turrets.

Did your favorite Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends make it to the list? Who’s your top best Marksmen? Comment down below!

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