Axie Infinity Adventure Guide: How to Farm EXP & Level Up Fast

Axie Infintiy EXP Farming Guide How to Level Up Fast in Adventure Mode (PVE)

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn NFT game where players level up and battle a team of virtual pets called Axies.

Adventure mode is a PVE game mode where players battle against monsters to gain EXP and level up.

Leveling up your Axies is a must if you want to win more Adventure battles and earn more Smooth Love Potions (SLP).

The higher your Axie’s levels, the more SLP you can potentially earn per day in Adventure PVE mode.

In this guide, we will teach how to level up your Axies in Adventure Mode as well as some EXP farming tips.

What is Energy in Axie Infinity?

Before we talk about how to level up your Axies fast, we need to understand how Energy works in Axie Infinity.

In Axie Infinity, both Adventure and Arena battles will consume 1 Energy.

You can see the amount of Energy you currently have on the main menu. You can also check here the remaining time left before you regain more Energy points.

Energy is required if you want to:

  • earn Axie EXP in Adventure mode (PVE)
  • earn SLP rewards in the Arena mode (PVP)

This means that the more Energy you have, the more EXP you can gain by going on Adventure (PVE) battles to level up your Axies

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How to Gain Energy for Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity

Get more Energy to farm SLP by owning more Axies in Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, players start with a maximum pool of 20/20 Energy.

You will regain 5 Energy every 6 hours.

However, your maximum Energy pool and Energy refill rate can be increased if you own more Axies:

# of Axies You OwnEnergy per DayRefill Time
3 – 9 Axies20 Energy5 Energy every 6 hours
10 – 19 Axies40 Energy5 Energy every 3 hours
20+ Axies60 Energy5 Energy every 2 hours

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How to farm EXP and Level Up Axies in Adventure Mode

To gain EXP and level up your Axies, you need to do Adventure mode battles while you have Energy.

This means that if you want to focus on leveling up your Axies, you should only spend your precious Energy on Adventure (PVE) and NOT on the Arena (PVP).

Earn Smooth Love Potion SLP in Axie Infinity by doing Adventure mode grinding

Arena PVP battles are only great for SLP farming and if your Axies are already leveled up.

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Another thing to keep in mind is if you lose an Adventure battle (PVE), you will not gain Experience points.

This means that when farming EXP on PVE, you need to make sure that you can complete the level, otherwise you will just waste your Energy spent.

You can check the amount of monsters that you will be facing by clicking on the level.

Also, take note of levels that you can easily clear with your current team. Players call this the “comfort farming” EXP zones.


Should I level up my Axies first in Adventure Mode when starting out?

Yes, you should focus on leveling up your Axies first if you are just starting out.

Most players recommend that you level up your Axies first on your first two weeks of playing.

When you’re just starting out, you will find that it is difficult to reach the daily 50 SLP from Adventure Mode.

This is because your Axie levels are still too low, and lower levels on Adventure Mode (PVE) only give a little amount of SLPs.

Here are the SLP rewards you get from Adventure Mode for each level bracket:

Axie LevelSLP Reward
Level 1 – 41 SLP per win
Level 5 – 92 SLP per win
Level 10 – 144 SLP per win
Level 15 – 166 SLP per win
Level 17 – 205-10 SLP per win
Level 21 – 3610-20 SLP per win

As you can see, higher levels on Adventure Mode give more SLP rewards. This is why you need to focus first on leveling up your Axies in the beginning.

Once they reach higher levels where you get 10-20 SLP per win, it will be much easier to achieve 50 SLP in Adventure Mode in less than 1 hour.

Think of it as an investment where you are making your team more powerful first so that later, they can easily farm SLPs faster and more efficiently!

Lastly, another incentive to focus on leveling up your Axies first is the Boss Level rewards. On Ruin 21, for example, you get a bonus of 200 SLP after clearing the level.


EXP gained per Adventure Level/Ruin

Here is the EXP table to determine how much EXP is gained for each Adventure Mode ruin.

Level/RuinEXP Gained
151 EXP
259 EXP
3111 EXP
4118 EXP
5141 EXP
6199 EXP
7256 EXP
8237 EXP
9282 EXP
10300 EXP
11344 EXP
12429 EXP
13378 EXP
14347 EXP
15358 EXP
16402 EXP
17367 EXP
18446 EXP
19434 EXP
20401 EXP
21644 EXP
22449 EXP
23618 EXP
24582 EXP
25618 EXP
26797 EXP
27735 EXP
28759 EXP
29800 EXP
301209 EXP
31810 EXP
32724 EXP
33891 EXP
34800 EXP
35805 EXP
36820 EXP


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