8 Ways to Increase Your Power Score (PS) in MIR4


Follow these eight steps if you want to increase your Power Score (PS) in MIR4.

What is Power Score in MIR4?

Power Score (PS) in MIR4 is the overall strength and power of your character.

It is derived from lots of different sources and effects in the game.

Your character’s Power Score is displayed on the top left of the screen, beside your level.

It is also displayed at the select character screen at the start of the game.

In general, most players will want to increase and maximize this number as much as possible.

Not only is it an indicator of how powerful you are, some raids and bosses will also require a certain amount of Power Score.

Here are eight steps you can follow to increase your character’s Power Score (PS) in MIR4.

How to Increase Power Score (PS) in MIR4

1. Leveling Up

Just like most RPG games, you’re going to want to level up your character, as higher levels allow you to gain more stats and equip better gear, which means more Power Score.

One of the best methods to level up quickly is simply by doing your missions and quests.

You can also do AFK grinding by hunting monsters. Just make sure to look for mobs that you quickly kill, otherwise your EXP farming will be inefficient.

Lastly, you can also level up via other areas in the game such as the Magic Square and Secret Peak.

2. Obtain Gears and Upgrade

The second source of Power Score is from your gears. This includes your weapons, armors and other accessories.

Just like leveling up, equipment can also be obtained by doing missions or quests.


Or, you can craft your own gears by grinding some materials required for that item.

To check where to farm those materials, just open them in your inventory and check its “Source.”

Materials can be obtained from quests and grinding monsters as well.

Lastly, you’ll want to enhance and enchant your gears as much as possible.

Try to upgrade your items to at least +5 to maximize their power.

3. Use Skills

Skills are your next source of Power Score.

You can get them from dailies and from the shop.

For example, you can go to Shop and then “Step Up” or “Common Product.”

Each time you Tier Upgrade your Skills, it will give you additional Power Score.

4. Craft and Equip Magic Stones

Magic Stones are special items that give you increased Power Score as well as other stats like damage reductions.


They can be obtained from Sealed Magic Stone Boxes, or from the Magic Square chambers.

Magic Stone rarities range from uncommon to rare and epic. The rarer stones you can craft and equip, the more Power Score and additional stats you can get!

5. Train your Constitution and Inner Force

The Training menu consists of two sections, Constitution and Inner Force.

Constitution and Inner Force both give you different stats that you can upgrade.

You can tier them up by farming materials from mobs or from quests.

Again, just check the Source of the items to know how to obtain them.

Upgrading both your Constitution and Inner Force are great ways to boost your character’s Power Score.

6. Use Spirits

Spirits are like pets that can give your characters several effects.

First, they have skills that can give you bonus stats such as Attack Damage or defensive effects which are great for tanks and supports.

Secondly, Spirits also give you (you guessed it!) Power Score points.

You can click on a Spirit in the Spirits menu to see how much Power Score they can give.

7. Upgrade your Conquest

Leveling up your Conquests can give you a huge boost in Power Score in MIR4.

You can check your Conquest menu to see what you need to upgrade it and how much Power Score and stats each one will give.


However, this is one of the more difficult methods and can take a long time, so it should be lower in your priority.

Upgrading your Conquests requires a huge chunk of Copper and Energy, plus some random materials too.

Consider this as a long term investment that you should work on from time to time.

8. Deposit items to your Codex

Last but not the least, you can also gain Power Score from your Codex.

In your Codex, you can deposit or register extra items that you no longer need.

Once you complete a set of items and unlock a Codex effect, it will give you bonus permannet stats which will contribute to your overall power.