What is “Starlight Membership” in Mobile Legends?


Starlight Membership is the premium subscription system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Starlight Members get LOTS of free skins, rewards and privileges for one whole month!

What rewards can you get for being a Starlight Member? And is it worth it? Read this guide to find out!

The Starlight Membership is a monthly subscription system in Mobile Legends.

You can spend several Diamonds to become a Starlight member for 1 month and enjoy all the privileges. You can renew it every month.

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At the time of writing, a Starlight Membership costs around ~385-550 Diamonds, depending on your region and sale promos.

This is also one of the ways the developers can make money so that they can continue developing the game and keep their servers running. In return, you get lots and lots of rewards and freebies!

Starlight Member vs. Starlight Member Plus

There are two types of Starlight membership: the regular Starlight Member and Starlight Member Plus.

The two are almost identical but you get additional perks for Starlight Member Plus.

Starlight Member Rewards and Benefits

Here are all the rewards and benefits that you can get for being a Starlight Member in Mobile Legends.

1. Starlight Exclusive Skin

Starlight Members get a rare Skin for the current month’s featured hero.

This skin is very rare because it is exclusive for Starlight members only. The skin will only be released after a year or so through some in-game promo or through the Rare Skin Fragments shop.

Some players like to collect these exclusive limited edition skins.

If you want to check out the list of all the Starlight exclusive skins in the previous months, check out this page.

2. Exclusive Privileges

As a Starlight member, you get dozens of exclusive privileges for the whole month. You can check it on the “Privileges” tab of the Starlight window.

Here is the list of privileges for Starlight member users:

  1. A set of free heroes every week
  2. A set of free skins every week
  3. Exclusive Avatar Borders (31-day)
  4. Weekly Rewards
    • Magic Dust
    • Rare Skin Fragments
    • Starlight Membership Scores
    • many more…
  5. Other exclusive benefits such as
    • 10 Protection Points
    • Recall/Spawn Effects
    • 10% more EXP each match
    • 5% more BP for each match
    • Sign in for a previous day in 7-Day Login

3. Advanced Prizepool Rewards

If you go the Starlight > Rewards tab, there’s two rows for the prize pool: Free and Advanced. Non-Starlight members can only obtain the rewards from the Free prize pool.

But Starlight users will unlock the Advanced row and you can redeem the prizes in each level!

To gain levels and redeem the rewards in the pool, you need to gain Membership Score by logging in everyday, spending diamonds or play matches.

Here are some of the awesome rewards you can gain from the Starlight-exclusive prize pool:

  • 20% discount for next month’s Starlight membership
  • Random Permanent Skin
  • Starlight Gem used in Starlight shop
  • Star Protection card
  • Battle effects
  • Free Battle Emote
  • Painted Skin
  • Sacred Statue
  • Skin Fragments, potions, tickets
  • Diamond discount coupons

In addition, if you choose to become a Starlight Plus member, you’ll instantly upgrade 29 levels in the prize pool (worth 2900 Diamonds). You can also claim the Starlight Gem reward right away.

4. Access to Starlight Shop

Starlight Members can access an exclusive Shop. You can check it in the Starlight > Shop tab.

The exclusive Starlight shop offers special items like rare skins, skin chests, cosmetics and effects.

You can purchase them using Starlight Gems or Membership Scores.

This Shop is only unlocked if you’re a Starlight Member and the VIP Level is maxed out.

How to become a Starlight Member in Mobile Legends

If you want to become a Starlight Member in Mobile Legends, just go to the “Starlight” tab in the game’s main menu.

From there click the “Buy” button and you can select which Starlight membership you want to buy.

In this page you’ll also see all the information, rewards and exclusive features for Starlight members.


Hopefully this guide has helped you understand what benefits and rewards you can obtain if you opt to subscribe to the Starlight Membership in Mobile Legends.

Use this guide to help you decide whether you should get a Starlight membership or not!

Do you think the Starlight Membership is worth spending Diamonds for, or would you rather spend it on something else?

Comment down your thoughts below!