Complete List of Emblems & Talents in Mobile Legends [2020]


There are nine (9) different Emblem sets in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, one for each hero role such as Marksman, Mages, or Tanks.

These Emblem sets will give you the necessary bonus stats to further increase your overall power for your current hero’s role.

Here is the list of all Emblem sets in Mobile Legends and their bonus stat attributes and talent effects.

What are Emblems & Talents in Mobile Legends?

Emblems give you additional stats and effects (talents) depending on your hero’s role.

All players start out with two free Emblem sets, Physical and Magical. You can then unlock the 7 other Emblems by purchasing them with 500 Magic Dust or 500 Diamonds.

Emblem Stat Attributes

Emblem sets can be leveled up from Lv. 1 to 60.

Each Emblem level gives bonus stat attributes such as increased Physical ATK or Cooldown Reduction, etc.

What are Emblem Talents?

Emblems also have 8-9 different talents. Talents are divided into Tiers 1-3—the first two tiers give stats while the 3rd tier gives a unique buff effect.

You can allocate “Talent Points” as you gain more levels for your Emblem set.

In this guide we list down all the stat attributes and talents bonus effects for each Emblem set.

physical-emblem-mobile-legends Common Physical Emblem Set

The Physical Emblem set is a common emblem set that focuses on physical damage and survivability.

It gives bonus attributes that mostly increases your overall physical attack damage, or improves your defense against physical damage.

Physical Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Physical Attack + 14.00
HP Regen + 18.00
Critical Strike Chance + 2.00%
HP + 267.00
Attack Speed + 3.00%

Physical Talents Tier 1

Vitality Firmness Shield
+65.00 HP/Level +4.00 Physical Defense/Level +4.00 Magical Defense/Level

Physical Talents Tier 2

Bravery Swift Fatal
+4.00 Physical ATK/Level +2.00% Attack Speed/Level +1.20% Crit Chance/Level

Physical Talents Tier 3

Life Drain Open Fire
Killing an enemy minion restores 3% of max HP. Dealing damage with skills increases physical attack by 5% for 3 seconds. This skill has a 6 second cooldown.

magical-emblem-mobile-legends Common Magical Emblem Set

The Magical Emblem is a common emblem set that focuses on magic damage and spell casting attributes.

It will give you bonus stats that increase your overall magic attack, magic penetration and reduces your spell’s cooldown times.

The Magical Emblem is great for heroes that rely heavily on casting spells such as Mages and Supports.

Magical Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Magic Power + 14.00
HP Regen + 18.00
Cooldown Reduction + 2.00%
HP + 267.00
Mana + 180.00

Magical Talents Tier 1

Energy Vitality Awaken
+70.00 Mana/Level +65.00 HP/Level +7.00 Mana Regen/Level

Magical Talents Tier 2

Flow Desire Observation
+4.00 Physical ATK/Level +1.00% CD Reduction/Level  +1.50% Spell Vamp/Level +2.00 Magic Penetration/Level

Magical Talents Tier 3

Energy Absorption Magic Power Surge
Killing an enemy minion restores 2% of max HP and 3% of max MP. Dealing damage with skills increases magic attack by 11~25 (increases with hero level) for 3 second. This effect has a 6 second cooldown.

tank-emblem-mobile-legends Custom Tank Emblem Set

The Tank Emblem is a custom emblem set that’s perfect for durable tank heroes.

It will increase your overall survivability and beefiness by increasing your physical defense, magical defense, overall HP and HP Regen.

This Emblem allows Tankers to absorb all the damage from the enemy team so that their allies can try to wipe them out.

Tank Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Physical Defense + 10.00
Magical Defense + 10.00
HP + 345.00
Cooldown Reduction + 2.00%
HP Regen + 18.00

Tank Talents Tier 1

Vitality Firmness Shield
+65.00/+130.00/+200.00 HP +4.00 Physical Defense/Level +4.00 Magical Defense/Level

Tank Talents Tier 2

Inspire Fortress Purity
+2.50%/+5.00%/+8.00% CD Reduction +2.50%/+5.00%/+8.00% Physical Defense +2.50%/+5.00%/+8.00% Magical Defense

Tank Talents Tier 3

Tenacity Brave Smite Attack and Defense
Increase physical and magical defense by 35 points when health is less than 40%. Crowd controlling an enemy restores 5% of max HP. This effect has a 10 second cooldown. Increase physical and magical attack by 0.4% of max HP.

jungle-emblem-mobile-legends Custom Jungle Emblem Set

The Jungle Emblem is a custom emblem set that improves your effectiveness against creeps and jungle monsters

This is perfect for heroes who spend a lot of time jungling or if you just need to farm super fast.

Its Tier 3 talents give you bonus Gold from the Retribution battle spell, or enhance your power and defense against Lord, Turtle and enemy turrets.

Jungle Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Attack Speed + 4.50%
Physical Attack + 13.00
Lifesteal + 2.50%
Movement Speed + 6.00%
HP + 306.00

Jungle Talents Tier 1

Thrill Brutal Balance
+4.00 Hybrid ATK/Level +7.00% Damage to Monster/Level +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Hybrid Lifesteal

Jungle Talents Tier 2

Swift Knowledge Iron
+1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Attack Speed +2.00% Battle Spell CD Reduction/Level +7.00% Damage Reduction from Monsters/Level

Jungle Talents Tier 3

Veteran Hunter Wild Power Mage Killer
Killing jungle monsters hit by Retribution grants 50 extra gold. Retribution’s slow effect increased by 20%. Gain 50 extra gold if an enemy dies under Retribution effect. Increases damage dealt to the Lord, Turtle, and Turrets by 15%. Reduce damage taken from the Lord and Turtle by 20%.

assassin-emblem-mobile-legends-1-2 Custom Assassin Emblem Set

The Assassin Emblem is a custom emblem set that enhances your single-target killing power, which is perfect for Assassins, Marksmen, or even Mages.

It has an interesting Tier 3 talent that gives you bonus Gold for killing enemy heroes. If you’re a hero who focuses on taking down enemy heroes, consider using the Assassin emblem set.

Assassin Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Physical PEN + 13.50
Physical ATK + 15.00
Critical Strike Chance + 3.50%
Cooldown Reduction + 5.00%
Movement Speed + 2.00%

Assassin Talents Tier 1

Bravery Mastery Agility
+4.00 Physical ATK/Level +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% CD Reduction +2.00% Movement Speed/Level

Assassin Talents Tier 2

Invasion Fatal Bloodthrist
+2.00 Physical PEN/Level +1.20% Crit Chance/Level +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Spell Vamp

Assassin Talents Tier 3

Bounty Hunter High and Dry Killing Spree
Gain an extra 100 gold from killing enemy hero (Up to 1300 gold). Increases damage by 6% on the enemy hero when there is no other heroes nearby. Killing an enemy hero restore 15% HP and increase movement speed by 20% for 5 second.

mage-emblem-mobile-legends-2 Custom Mage Emblem Set

The Mage Emblem is a custom emblem set that focuses on raw magic power damage.

It enhances your magic power, magic penetration, cooldown reduction so you can take down enemies quickly with your spells and abilities.

This is perfect for offensive Mages who need to deal a lot of magic damage.

Mage Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Magical PEN + 13.50
Magic Power + 17.00
Cooldown Reduction + 5.00%
Spell Vamp + 5.00%
Movement Speed + 2.00%

Mage Talents Tier 1

Flow Mastery Agility
+4.00 Magic Power/Level +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% CD Reduction +2.00% Movement SPD/Level

Mage Talents Tier 2

Observation Catastrophe Contract
+2.00 Magical PEN/Level    +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Magic Power +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Spell Vamp

Mage Talents Tier 3

Golden Touch Magic Worship Impure Rage
Reduce the gold cost of gears to 90%. When dealing damage that is more than 7% of target’s max HP for 3 times in 5 seconds, burns the target 3 times, each burn dealing 82-250 magic damage. This effect has 12 second cooldown. Damaging enemies with skills will deal an extra damage equal to 4% of the target’s current HP as magic damage, and restore 3% of your Mana. This effect has 5 second cooldown.

fighter-emblem-mobile-legends-3 Custom Fighter Emblem Set

The Fighter Emblem set is a custom emblem set that enhances your ability to face enemy heroes head on.

It gives increases stat attributes like physical attack, defense or HP so that you gain more confidence to jump in battle and initiate a team fight.

Fighter Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Physical ATK + 16.00
Physical Defense + 8.00
Magical Defense + 8.00
Physical PEN + 5.00
HP + 273.00

Fighter Talents Tier 1

Bravery Firmness Shield
+4.00 Physical ATK/Level +4.00 Physical Defense/Level +4.00 Magical Defense/Level

Fighter Talents Tier 2

Invasion Persistence Swift
+2.00 Physical PEN/Level +100.00 HP/Level +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Attack SPD

Fighter Talents Tier 3

Unbending Will Festival of Blood Disabling Strike
Increases damage by 0.2% for every 1% HP lost (up to 12%). Gains 8% Spell Vamp. Killing an enemy hero grants an extra 1% Spell Vamp (up to 12%). Slowing enemy by 20% or more in single instance will increase physical attact by 30%. The effect will end after dealing damage or after 3 second. This effect has 10 second cooldown.

support-emblem-mobile-legends Custom Support Emblem Set

The Support Emblem is a custom emblem set that enhances your ability to keep your teammates alive or boost their stats.

It increases hybrid regen which is a combination of HP and Mana regen. It also improves your cooldown reduction and healing effectiveness.

This is perfect for Support Heroes with lots of healing and buff spells.

Support Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Hybrid Regen + 10.00
Hybrid PEN + 12.00
CD Reduction + 5.00%
Movement SPD + 4.00%
HP + 183.00

Support Talents Tier 1

Mastery Vitality Agility
+1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% CD Reduction +65.00/+130.00/+200.00 HP +2.00% Movement SPD/Level

Support Talents Tier 2

Gift Rupture Recovery
+3.00% Healing Effect/Level +2.00 Hybrid PEN/Level +5.00 Hybrid Regen/Level

Support Talents Tier 3

Focusing Mark Avarice Pull Yourself
After dealing damage to an enemy hero, damage dealt by allies on the same enemy hero will be increased by 6% for 3 second. This effect has 6 second cooldown. Gains an extra 10 gold after dealing damage to enemy heroes (up to 1200 gold). This effect has 4 second cooldown. Resurrecting time and battle spell cooldown is reduced by 15%.

marksman-emblem-mobile-legends-31 Custom Marksman Emblem Set

The Marksman Emblem is a custom emblem set that focuses on raw physical attack damage.

It increases your overall damage-per-second (DPS) by boosting your physical attack, physical penetration, attack speed and critical chance. Its Tier 3 talents also give a lot of unique buffs such as increased damage gain from items.

Heroes that need to deal a lot of normal physical attacks like Marksmen or Assassins should use the Marksman emblem set.

Marksman Emblem Attributes

Stat Attribute Value
Physical Attack + 17.00
Attack Speed + 7.50%
Physical PEN + 6.00
Lifesteal + 5.00%
Crit Chance + 5.00%

Marksman Talents Tier 1

Bravery Greed Fatal
+4.00 Physical ATK/Level +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Lifesteal +1.20% Crit Chance/Level

Marksman Talents Tier 2

Doom Mastery Swift
+4.50% Crit Damage/Level +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% CD Reduction +1.50%/+3.00%/+5.00% Attack Speed

Marksman Talents Tier 3

Weapon Master Electro Flash Weakness Finder
Physical damage gained from gears is increased by 10%. Within 1.5 second of dealing damage with Basic Attacks, increases movement speed by 40% and regenerates HP equal to 30% of hero’s Physical Attack. This effect has 10 second cooldown. Basic attack has a 20% chance of reducing target’s movement speed by 90% and attack speed by 50%. This effect has 2 second cooldown. (Not effective for melee heroes)


What Emblems do you use on your favorite roles or heroes?

Which talents do you think are the best to use for each Emblem?

Share your thoughts on the comments below!