Updated SLP Rewards (Season 18): What You Need to Know


Axie Infinity has just entered Season 18 last August 10, 2021. The launch of the new PVP season also came with several changes.

One of the most significant updates were the reduced SLP rewards earned.

Why were these changes implemented? Should you be worried? And how will this affect the game’s economy?

Don’t panic! Here’s everything you need to know about the latest SLP updates in Axie Infinity Season 18.

What are the updated SLP rewards in Adventure and Arena mode?

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The latest major update for Axie Infinity went live last August 10, 2021.

Here are the changes to Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards in the game:

1. Maximum of 50 SLP in Adventure Mode

Before the update, players are able to earn a maximum of 100 SLP by playing Adventure Mode.

Starting this season, this is halved to only 50 SLP.

2. 25 SLP from Daily Quest

The Daily Quest rewards are earned by completing the following tasks:

  • Daily Check-in
  • Complete 10 Adventure mode levels
  • Win 5 Arena Matches

Players then receive SLP for clearing these activities each day.

Before the August 10 update, the Daily Quest reward was 50 SLP. Now, players only get 25 SLP.


In summary, players can get up to a maximum of 75 daily SLP for clearing PVE runs and clearing the daily quest.

This will leave you with more Energy than usual to participate in PVP battles.

3. SLP rewards in PVP are increased

Before the update, the SLP reward per win only increases by 1 for each MMR bracket you climb.

For example, 1200 MMR gives 7 SLP per win, 1400 MMR gives 8 SLP, etc.

Starting today, the SLP reward per bracket increases at a higher rate.

This will incentivize players to focus on getting good at PVP Arena and climb the ladders, instead of farming on PVE Adventure Mode.

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Why are SLP rewards changed in Axie Infinity Season 18?

The halving of SLP rewards in Adventure and Daily Quest may be heartbreaking at first, but it is actually done to keep the game’s economy healthy.

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Here are the reasons why the Axie Infinity devs implemented these recent SLP changes.

1. It will balance the economy of the game and prevent oversupply

In the past few days/weeks leading to the new season release, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) has been going down in price.

This is because there is a huge imbalance between the production and burning of SLP supply—more SLP is being generated than consumed in the game due to the surge of new players playing Adventure mode.


An oversupply of any resource is bad any kind of economy. An oversupply of SLP in Axie Infinity would result in hyperinflation which will further drive down the price of SLP.

Reducing the SLP rewards in Adventure will try to prevent this.

Another method to fix the oversupply is to add more SLP sinks in the game. One measure that will soon be added is the increase of SLP required to breed Axies.

2. It prevents bot abuse

Another reason for the reduction of SLP rewards in PVE is to discourage bots and prevent abuse.

Adventure battles are not very difficult especially when you’ve leveled up your Axies and found your “comfort levels” where you can just farm mindlessly.

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This is susceptible to bots or other forms of automation, and it’s unfair for players who do the honest work.

3. It will reward skilled PVP players

Many players don’t want to go up the PVP rankings. Instead, they stay on lower MMR levels so they can easily farm on noobs with a higher winrate.

This is not fun for everyone, especially beginners who only have floor Axies and who just want to complete their 5 daily Arena matches.

Before the update, the increase in rewards for climbing up the leaderboards is not very significant.

But with the SLP update, the increase is much higher and players will now be incentivized for playing competitively and climbing up the leaderboards.

4. It will improve the quality of PVP battles

Since experienced players and player with powerful and competitive Axie teams will now try to reach the top, this means that players at lower levels will no longer be matched with smurf accounts who just want to farm on noobs.

Players at lower MMR brackets will more likely be matched with players of the same skill level.

Here’s a tweet from Jiho, Axie Infinity’s co-founder:

Great. This is how it should be!https://t.co/a41plNsQ1H pic.twitter.com/TMeBPBhweY

— The Jiho🦇🔊 (@Jihoz_Axie) August 11, 2021

5. It incentivizes effective Scholarship managers

With the updates to how SLP is rewarded this season, scholarship managers cannot simply just give free Axies to scholars and let them grind on Adventure mode.

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With the updated SLP rewards, the gold mines are now in the Arena battles.

Therefore, scholars who actively train their scholars and educate them on the best PVP strategies will get more SLP earnings than those who don’t.

How will these SLP changes affect players?

This season, PVP is now the name of the game.

Players may want to focus on spending their Energy Arena PVP now, as the SLP rewards ramp up much quicker than in Adventure mode.

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Axie Infinity players who want to reach the top must get good at battle mechanics.

Learn about the proper team compositions, card combos and even the nitty-gritty details like how to use the Last Stand mechanic to your advantage.

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For scholarship managers, make sure to spend more time to provide education and training for your scholars.

How will these SLP changes affect the Axie Infinity economy?

The halving of SLP rewards in Adventure may sound horrifying at first, but this was made with the game’s long term health in mind.

You may be earning less SLP per day, sure. But the lowered amount of SLP circulating in the economy will potentially result in an steady increase in price. At least, that’s what the devs are aiming for.

What we know for sure though, is that the overall quality and experience of playing Axie Infintiy, especially in PVP, will drastically improve over the next few weeks.

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