How to Earn in Dragonary and How Much (Free-to-Play NFT Game)

Dragonary is a new play-to-earn NFT game that you can play for free.

That’s right—no need to setup crypto wallets or buy anything from exchanges and marketplaces! New players are immediately given a free starter team of 3 Common Dragons.

Here’s a quick guide on how to earn in Dragonary and how much you can potentially earn by playing.

(Disclaimer: Our articles and guides in are not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before putting money on the game and only invest what you can afford to lose.)

How to Earn in Dragonary by Mining $CYT

We’ll start off by saying that Dragonary is still in its very early Alpha stages, and majority of its game modes and play-to-earn features are still under development.

At the time of writing, the only way to earn with Dragonary is by doing Ember quests and farming Obsidian.

Just go to Missions > Embers, and clear any of the Ember quests from the list of seven 7 elements.

You will need to gain a total of 1000 Obsidian per day, and you can check your current Obsidian progress bar by checking Cave > Alchemy.

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You will get 200 Obsidian rewards every time you win an Ember quest, in addition to Sparks and Experience.

This means you will need to play 5 times a day to max out your 1000 Obsidian.

Once you get your daily 1,000 Obsidian, the game will automatically reward you with CYT tokens on your Coinary account at 00:00 UTC. You can check your earnings at your Coinary Hub Dashboard.

Doing Ember quests consumes 10 Energy, and you can have a max of 80 Energy which is replenished over time every few minutes.

We recommend doing the Air Ember quest as it seems to be the easiest. However, you should first level up your Dragons to around Level 15-20 before going on Ember quests. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing the battle and wasting 10 Energy.

Once future updates and new game modes and features will be introduced to the game, there will be even more ways to earn by playing Dragonary.

Upcoming methods to earn in Dragonary (which are also methods in other play-to-earn games) include battling in PVP, breeding Dragons, and trading Dragon NFTs on the marketplace.

As of now, it’s best to keep raising your dragons or breed new ones to hopefully increase your account’s rarity.

How much do players earn by mining $CYT in Dragonary?

The daily earnings of each player is based on the rarity their account.

At the time of writing, Common accounts earn ~$0.2, Uncommon accounts earn ~$2, Rare accounts earn ~$23 per day by farming 1000 Obsidian daily.

(These are just very rough estimates based on the current rewards pool and price of $CYT and these values will constantly fluctuate.)

There is a maximum daily amount of $CYT that will be distributed evenly to all players.

While Dragonary is a free-to-play game, the devs are still looking for ways to boost the economy so they can reward players who contribute more to the game.

Depending on the number of dragons you own and their rarities, your account’s rarity can be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythical.

To obtain rare Dragons, you can buy them from the Market (once it’s up) or breed them.

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The rarer your account, the more percentage of CYT from the reward pool you get. (Tips on how to do this in the next section!)

Here is the list of how much percentage of the daily pool is distributed to players per account rarity:

Account Rarity Percentage to distribute
Common 1.5%
Uncommon 2%
Rare 10%
Epic 20%
Legendary 27.5% + Bonus
Mythical 35% + 3x Bonus
PVP 4%

For example, if the maximum daily reward amount is 1 million, 15,000 CYT (which is 1.5% of 1,000,000) will be distributed evenly to all Common rarity accounts. So if there are 5,000 Common accounts at the time, each Common account player will get 3 CYT per day.

In summary, how much you can earn in Dragonary will depend on a few factors:

  • Your account rarity
  • The maximum amount reward amount
  • The number of players in the game and in your rarity brakcet
  • The current market price of CYT

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How to earn more by increasing your account rarity

If you want to earn more and receive a larger cut from the daily $CYT rewards pool, you can increase your account’s rarity.

You just need to hold more Dragons with superior rarity.

For example, if you hold 3 Common Dragons, 2 Uncommon Dragons and 4 Rare Dragons, the account rarity will be considered as Rare.

If you hold the same quantity of Dragons of the same rarity, the second-highest rarity will be chosen.

So if you have 3 Common, 2 Uncommon and 3 Rare Dragons, your account is classified as Uncommon.