What is “Confirm Ejects” in Among Us (Should You Enable It?)

The best things about Among Us is how every single game setting can be customized and balanced according to your preference.

One such setting that confuses a lot of players is what the “Confirm Ejects” option does and whether to turn on or off.

In this quick guide, we will explain what the Confirm Ejects setting is.

Then, we’ll talk about whether you should leave the checkbox ticked or not. Let’s get started!

What is “Confirm Ejects” in Among Us?

The Confirm Ejects setting determines whether the role of a player is revealed or not after they are voted out.

If Confirm Ejects is enabled, players will see the “Player Name is not The Impostor” or “Player Name is The Impostor” message after he is ejected from the ship.


Players can also see how many Impostors are left, if you’re playing with more than one Impostor.

However, if you disable the Confirm Ejects setting, players will only see a “Player Name was ejected” message—no one will know whether he was a Crewmate or an Impostor.

In addition, the game will no longer show the number of Impostors remaining.

Should you turn on “Confirm Ejects” setting or not?

We highly recommend to turn off the Confirm Ejects setting in Among Us. (Related: Best Among Us Settings for Balanced & Fun Gameplay)

This will make the game more challenging and fun for both Crewmates and Impostors.

However, you may still choose to enable the Confirm Ejects setting if you want, especially if you’re playing with newer players.

Here are some reasons to help you decide whether you should toggle it on or off.

You should enable “Confirm Ejects” if…

  • You want games to be easier for Crewmates
  • You want to easily catch players who falsely accuse someone
  • You’re playing with beginners and inexperienced players

You should disable “Confirm Ejects” if…

  • You want games to be more exciting and suspenseful
  • You want Impostors to have room for creative plays such as accusing other Crewmates
  • Crewmates are winning more often than Impostors

Lastly, if you’re playing with only one Impostor, the Confirm Ejects setting doesn’t really matter at all.

The game will end anyway once the lone Impostor is kicked out from the ship!

How to Toggle “Confirm Ejects” in Among Us

To toggle the “Confirm Ejects” setting in Among Us, just customize the game’s settings in the lobby. Only the game’s host can edit these settings.

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If you don’t want the game to reveal if the ejected player was an Impostor or not, just uncheck the Confirm Ejects setting.

Once it is disabled, the game will only say “Player was ejected” and won’t show the number of Impostors left on the ship.


Whether you want to toggle it on or off, this setting is a crucial part in how your games develop in Among Us.

We hope this quick guide has helped you understand what the Confirm Ejects setting does and whether you should leave it on or off.

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