How to Change Servers in Among Us

If you want to play Among Us without too much lag and server connectivity issues, you need to make sure you’re playing on the correct server.

As more and more Crewmates are joining in to play the hit multiplayer game, its servers might get overloaded especially during peak hours.

Selecting the right server region can help fix these server disconnections which lead to a better gameplay experience.

Impostors in particular will need to play with the lowest ping rates possible if you want to perform split-second tricky plays!

The good news is, switching game servers in Among Us is pretty straightforward.

Here’s a quick guide.

You can only change servers from the main menu, so if you’re already in the game lobby, you’ll need to leave the room first.

Follow these steps to change your server in Among Us:

1. On the main menu, press “Online”

2. Press the World icon on the lower-right corner

3. Select a server from the list

What’s the point of switching servers in Among Us?

If you’re experiencing lag while playing during peak hours, you might want to avoid the spike of population on your current server.

In addition, if you’re playing during off-hours such as at midnight, it might be hard to find players in your region as most people are already asleep.

However, take note that if you want to play with your friends, you all need to be on the same server.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to join your friend’s game lobby after entering the room code.

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Which server should you choose in Among Us?

You’ll be able to choose between three regions:

Obviously, you’ll want to choose the server nearest to where you’re currently playing to ensure the lowest possible ping and latency.

However, if you’re still experiencing lots of connectivity issues, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try switching to another server.


Fortunately, changing servers in the game is really simple.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to fix your server connection issues and lead you to a better gameplay experience as you try to figure out who the Impostors are in the ship!