What does “Sabotage” do in Among Us? (Complete List of Sabotage Effects)


Among Us is an incredibly exciting multiplayer game where Crewmates team up to fix the ship and find out who the Impostor is.

Impostors can win the game by killing Crewmates or voting them out. To help with this, Impostors have the ability to “Sabotage” the mission—breaking systems and components of the ship, making it more difficult for the Crewmates to accomplish their tasks.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how Sabotage works and how to use it as an Impostor. We’ll also list down each type of Sabotage in the game and what their effects are.

What does “Sabotage” do in Among Us?

“Sabotage” is a unique ability that can only be used by Impostors in Among Us. (Related Guide: How to Play as Impostor in Among Us)

The Sabotage ability will create a temporary problem or “crisis” that the Crewmates must either fix, ignore, or wait out to finish.

Each Sabotaged room have different unique effects (which we will discuss in detail below!)

For example, Impostors can Sabotage the Electrical room which breaks the lighting system of the ship, limiting the vision of the Crewmates.

How can Impostors use Sabotage in Among Us?

To perform a Sabotage, Impostors can simply click on the “Sabotage” button on the lower right.

This will open up the Map of the ship, where you can select the different types of sabotages—just tap on a room’s icon to sabotage it.

You may also tap the “X” icons of a room to close the room’s doors for several seconds. (Related Guide: How to Close Doors in Among Us)

What happens when an Impostor uses Sabotage in Among Us?

Each type of Sabotage have different effects, creating a temporary problem in the ship. An alert message will flash below the task list, indicating which system was sabotaged.

A timer and a flashing red light may also show up depending on the severity of the sabotage.

For all types of Sabotage, the “Emergency Button” will be disabled. Crewmates will not be able to discuss and vote out the potential Impostor until the sabotaged room is fixed.

Also, Impostors may only perform one Sabotage at a time. All other sabotage types will be placed on cooldown for a few seconds.

Finally, Impostors can help fix Sabotaged systems—a great strategy to hide your true identity and make you less suspicious!

List of Sabotages and their effects in Among Us

Here’s a list of all Sabotage types in Among Us and their effects:

What does sabotaging O2 do? (Oxygen Depleted)

Sabotaging the O2 room will disable the oxygen system of the ship and show an “Oxygen Depleted” warning message. And you know what happens when the ship’s crew runs out of oxygen—they die!

The Impostor(s) will instantly win the game if the O2 countdown reaches zero, so Crewmates must quickly act and enter the pin codes on both Oxygen pads as soon as possible!

What does sabotaging Reactor do? (Reactor Meltdown)

Sabotaging the Reactor will cause the ship’s engine to meltdown, which results in Impostors instantly winning the game!

Similar to the O2, if Crewmates are not able to fix the Reactor before the timer runs out, it’s game over for the whole team.

At least two Crewmates must simultaneously fix the Reactor by holding their hands on the scanner at the same time.

What does sabotaging Comms do? (Comms sabotaged)

If Impostors sabotage the Comms, Crewmates will not be able to see their task list and task locations on the map.

In addition, security cameras, vitals monitoring, the Admin map and door log are also disabled until the Communications are fixed.

What does sabotaging Electrical do? (Fix Lights)

If the Electrical room is sabotaged by Impostors, the lights of the ship will be turned off.

This will drastically reduce the vision of the Crewmates, so it will be difficult for them to see nearby players around them until they are very close. Impostors however are not affected by this effect.

Crewmates must fix the lights room as soon as they can as this will give a huge advantage for Impostors to sneak in a kill or two!

Closing Doors

Aside from breaking crucial systems of the ship, Impostors can also choose to sabotage the doors of rooms.

Sabotaging a door will close and lock the door for ten seconds, preventing players from going in or out of the locked room.

If an Impostor sabotages a door, it will only set the cooldown of non-door sabotages, which means Impostors may close multiple (or even all) doors on the map.

However, using a different type of sabotage will start the cooldown on all doors.


Impostors are one of the most fun roles to play in Among Us. Learning how each sabotage type works is the key to becoming the sneakiest Impostor in the game! For beginners, we highly recommend playing as an Impostor on Freeplay mode to practice your sabotaging skills.

However, it is equally important as a Crewmate to understand which sabotaged systems need to get fixed right away and which ones can be ignored.

We hope this guide has helped you understand how Sabotage works in Among Us—if it did, please share it with your friends!