37+ Best Name Ideas for Among Us (Funny & Catchy!)


Do you want a unique, catchy in-game name (IGN) for your Among Us character?

Wanna stand out from the rest of the Crewmates, or you simply just want to make players laugh?

In this article, we list down some of the best names that you can use for your character in the game!

Best Names for Among Us

If you want to have a catchy and funny name in Among Us, consider where and how your name is usually displayed in the game.

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Once Crewmates vote out who they think is the Impostor, the game will display a message such as “Player Name was not The Impostor” or, if Confirm Ejects is enabled, “Player Name was ejected.” This is the perfect opportunity to have a witty name that fits well with those messages!

Another option is to simply use a name that matches your avatar’s outfit, skin, or pets. (Related: Best Outfit Ideas for Among Us)

Here’s the complete list of our best name ideas for Among Us. Feel free to use any of these as your IGN!

1. No one

Using “No one” as your name will show “No one was ejected” once you get voted out. The Crewmates hurt themselves in confusion!


2. Invisible Blank (literally!)

To use a blank space as your name, just copy-paste the character inside these quotes: “ㅤ”. You may also use this link and copy the blank character.

3. Idiots he

What better way to call out your Crewmates’s poor decision making of kicking you out than by flashing “Idiots he was not The Impostor” on their screens!

4. I told u I…

Another funny alternative is to use the pronoun “I” before the ejection message. Here’s another classic one!


5. Random color that doesn’t match your skin

Use a different color name that doesn’t match your character’s color. For example, use “Green” as your name but use a Red color for your avatar.

This is a funny way to confuse the Crewmates during discussion—especially if you’re the Impostor!

Plus, it’s even better if everyone in the group uses this kind of naming!


6. Capt., Dr. or Engr. + Name

Show them who’s the professional!

These name titles are perfect for certain skin combos that make you look like a Captain, Doctor, or Engineer.


7. Jason (from Friday the 13th)

This is a reference to Jason Voorhees, the character from the Friday the 13th films. Just put on a Hockey mask!


8. Santa

A name and skin combo perfect for the Christmas holidays!


9. Elvis Presley


10. Song lyrics

Rickroll your teammates by connecting you and your friends’ names into a funny song lyric!


11. Vegetable and Fruit names

Wear the green leaf hat as your headgear, then pick a color to make you look like a vegetable.

Some examples include Tomato for Red, Eggplant for Purple, Carrot for Orange, Turnip for White, or Mango/Lemon for Yellow.


12. Triplets

If you have the Mini Crewmate Pet and Hat cosmetics, don’t waste the opportunity to use a name that refers to triplets, or a family member.

Some fitting names could be Dad/Mom, Triplets, or Dugtrio when using a brown skin color.


13. Pilot and Co-Pilot


14. Crewmate

Hmm, something feels a little off!


15. Anything else except “Impostor”!


16. Heisenberg & Jesse

You’re goddamn right!


17. Wasnt Me / Not Me

18. Who

19. IDK

20. Trust Me

21. Someone

22. Where?

23. DontKillMe


25. Impasta

26. Red did it

27. Doin my tasks

28. sus

29. FBI

30. Trump

31. Vent Cleaner

32. Capt. Kirk

33. Sherlock

34. Dr. Watson

35. Janitor

36. Its u

37. Toast

38. Why Me


There’s so many ways to have fun and be goofy in Among Us, that’s what makes it such a great game.

One such way is by using a unique and catchy in-game name that can make someone’s day!