How to Earn Battle Points (BP) FAST in Mobile Legends [2020]


Battle Points (BP) are the main currency in Mobile Legends. They are mainly used to buy new heroes and they can be quite expensive!

Luckily, we have listed down ALL the methods to earn Battle Points in the game plus some tips & tricks on how to gain BP fast.

Here are 19 tips and tricks on how to earn BP fast in Mobile Legends.

1. Play and Win Games

First tip to earn BP is very simple—keep playing and winning lots of Mobile Legends matches! The more you win, the more Battle Points you can gain.


Pick your best hero, or better yet, use a carry Marksman hero and try to get a high KDA or even an MVP medal. (More on this below.)

You can earn up to 7,500 Battle Points per week from winning matches, but this can be increased if you have good Credit Score or if you use the Double BP Card.

2. Grind on Brawl & AI Matches

That’s right, you can earn Battle Points by playing on Brawl or even AI matches!

AI Battle is a game mode where you team up with four other players and fight against an AI team.

These game modes are not very stressful and only take around 5 to 10 minutes. Use a Double BP Card for this as well and you’ll rack up those Battle Points real fast!

However, if you want to play a real match of Mobile Legends with other players, then we recommend the next tip.

3. Play Ranked Matches

Ranked Matches seem to give more BP per match than other game modes. Plus, you get the chance to level up your current rank.

This is important because ending the Ranked Season with a higher rank also gives you more BP rewards. (More below!)

Brawl and AI matches still give more BP overall though, as each game doesn’t take too long.

4. Use Double BP Card

The Double BP Card is the best item you can use to gain lots and lots of Battle Points fast!

As the name suggests, using the Double BP Card doubles the amount of Battle Points you get from winning games. Double BP Cards can be 1-Day or 3-Day.

In addition, it increases the weekly BP limit by 1,500, so you’ll now be able to gain 9,000 BP per week instead of just 7,500.

5. Open Free Chest & Medal Chest

You get a Free Chest every four (4) hours which can contain Battle Points. Uncollected Free Chests can stack up to 2 times only, so make sure to always collect them!

Medal Chests can be opened once you get enough Medal Points and will give you 200-250 Battle Points once per day.

The higher your KDA in a game, the more Medal Points you gain. If you’re an MVP and your team won, you’ll instantly get 10 Medal Points and unlock the chest.

6. Clear Daily & Weekly Quest

Below the Free Chest and Medal Chest buttons is the Daily Quest rewards.

Just by doing in-game activities like winning 3 games or upgrading an Emblem set, you’ll gain Activity Points.

Once you reach a certain amount of Daily Activity points, you’ll gain 30, 40, 60 and 100 Battle Points.

You also have a Weekly Activity Score that gives up to 500 Battle Points once it reaches 400 and 800 points for that week.

Logging in to Mobile Legends once a day is also a great way to accumulate Battle Points.

Two of the Daily Login rewards are:

  • Surprising Battle Points Bundle — 300 / 500 / 1,000 BP
  • Mystery Pack – Chance to get 500 BP

So make sure to just login to the game even though you’re not planning on playing a match!

8. Unlock Achievements

Another easy way to gain some quick BPs are by clearing Achievements.

Go to the Achievements menu and see which Achievements you can easily unlock. Some of them will give out bonus Battle Points.


There are lots of achievements to unlock so there’s a lot of BP in store for you, however they will get progressively harder to achieve.

9. Try the Lucky Spin

Try your luck out at the Lucky Spin at the Shop to get a chance to win 300 Battle Points.


You can use Tickets to roll again, however we don’t recommend this as there are better uses for Tickets.

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10. Claim Rewards from Mail

This one is very simple. From time to time Mobile Legends will send you mail rewards or compensations events, good credit scores, or as apology for in-game issues.

If you do get mail, click on the Mail icon on the upper right and select “Claim All” to make sure you automatically get all the rewards. Some of these rewards will give you Battle Points.

11. Avoid Upgrading ALL Emblem Sets

This is more of a “saving Battle Points” than earning BP tip.

Most players upgrade any kind of Emblem set once it’s ready to upgrade. But how many of those Emblems do you actually use?


Don’t waste Battle Points upgrading Emblems you don’t need. Personally, I only prioritize upgrading 3 Emblem sets on roles that I keep using.

12. Redeem Gift Packs in Inventory

Open your Inventory and go to “Packs” tab and make sure you’ve opened all the gifts. Some of them will contain Battle Points or Hero Trial Cards.

If you receive Trial Cards for heroes or skins that you already own, you will earn Battle Points instead.

13. Watch Ads from Video Chests

This tip is great if you can multitask while doing other things such as watching a movie.

Just go to your Inventory > Packs again and open those Video Chests to watch a short video advertisement.


Each ad will take around 30 seconds to 1 minute and you’ll get 20-50 Battle Points each time.

Again I recommend doing this while multitasking so you don’t waste time!

14. Clear the Tutorials

Clearing a Tutorial can give you a one-time reward of up to 5,000 Battle Points!


There are three Tutorials that you can clear. Just go to Preparation > Tutorial tab. It won’t take more than 5 minutes!

15. Claim Season Rewards

Another great way to earn lots of Battle Points is by reaching a higher rank when the season ends.

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The higher your rank, the more Battle Points you can get from Season Rewards once the current season ends. Plus, you also get Tickets and a free Season Exclusive Skin if you reached at least Master rank.


Here’s how much Battle Points you can gain from the Season Rewards for each rank:

  • Warrior: 1000 BP, 100 Tickets
  • Elite: 2,000 BP, 200 Tickets
  • Master: 4,000 BP, 300 Tickets, Skin
  • Grand Master: 7,000 BP, 600 Tickets, Skin
  • Epic: 12,000 BP, 1,000 Tickets, Skin
  • Legend: 20,000 BP, 1,500 Tickets, Skin
  • Mythic: 20,000 BP, 1,500 Tickets, Skin

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16. Get a Starlight Membership

The Starlight Membership is a monthly premium subscription in Mobile Legends that can grant you rewards and privileges.

One of these privileges is you obtain 5% more Battle Points from each match. You’ll also get two (2) Double BP Cards as your weekly rewards.

Check out our full guide to Starlight Membership here and to help you decide if you should purchase it. (Hint: You should!)

17. Gain BP from Events

Events are another great way to earn BP. Mobile Legends has LOTS and lots of events, like the Halloween Event, Christmas Event, New Year event and so on.

During these events there will be some quests and tasks that you can clear to gain rewards, including Battle Points. There are even Events that can give you free Double BP Cards!


Keep an eye out on the “Events” tab and try to clear as many quests and tasks as you can.

18. Sell Trial Cards in Inventory

Try cleaning up your inventory by selling Trial Cards you don’t need.

If you have Hero Trial Cards or Skin Trial Cards for heroes or skins that you already own, you can “Use” them and you’ll get 30 Battle Points instead.

19. Keep a Good Credit Score

Finally, just try to keep a good credit score: play nice, don’t trashtalk, don’t go AFK!

If you have a high Credit Score of above 90, you’ll increase your weekly BP reward limit by 500. So you’ll be able to gain 8,000 Battle Points per week. This can be further increased to 9,500 if you have the Double BP Card as mentioned above.

Additionally, if you maintain a good Credit Score, you’ll get a bonus of up to +10% BP gained after each match.

You can check your Credit Score in Profile > Battlefields > Credit Score.


As you now know, there are multiple ways on how to earn Battle Points fast in Mobile Legends.

Which method is your favorite way of gaining BP in the game? Drop a comment down below!