17+ Best Outfits and Skin Combos in Among Us


One really cool feature about Among Us is how you can customize your character’s outfits to suit your personality.

There’s tons of available hats, skins and colors to choose from—you can suit up like a classy businessman, or be goofy and look like an eggplant!

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The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: you’ll want to be the best-looking Crewmate (or Impostor) in the ship.

Here are the best outfit ideas in Among Us that will definitely make you stand out from the crew!

Best Outfits and Skin Combo Ideas in Among Us

1. Veggie Costume

This costume is the easiest to pull off, and probably why it’s so popular too.


Simply put on the leaf hat and choose a color that makes you resemble a fruit or vegetable.

For good measure, make sure to add in a name such as “Tomato” for Red or “Eggplant” for Violet!

2. The Birthday Party

We got this idea from a wholesome Reddit post—perfect for if you have a teammate who’s celebrating his/her birthday!  Everyone just needs to put on a birthday hat!


3. The Crewmate Trio

Put on the Mini Crewmate headgear and pet and you’ll look like a parent with two children tagging along!


4. The Captain

This is your Captain speaking!

5. Rich, Classy, Businessman Suit

Wanna look like a classy, rich, businessman? Or perhaps an evil genius supervillain who’s pulling the strings inside the ship?


Suit up with the white or black Tuxedo!

6. Doctor

Wear a stethoscope and a scientist robe to look like a respectable Doctor. Make sure to add in a “Dr.” title in your name too!


7. Elvis Presley

This slick Pompadour hairstyle will make you look like a Crewmate version of Elvis Presley!


8. Viking

9. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Available through the Halloween season pack, this mask and outfit will make you look like Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th films. A fitting costume for Impostors!


10. The Devil Himself

Go for a Red skin color, put on a Devil Horn Hat from the Halloween bundle, plus a suit to look like a classy Lucifer!


11. Plague Doctor

This outfit makes you look like a doctor who treats victims from an epidemic—not the current coronavirus one but a Plague Doctor of the bubonic plague from the 14th century!

12. Santa Claus

A perfect outfit for the upcoming holiday season!


This outfit is available through the Holidays bundle during Christmas.

13. Military Man

Atten-Hut! Private Crewmate reporting for duty to find the Impostor, sir!


14. Engineer

Wear the yellow Hard Hat headgear paired with the high-viz vest and you’ll look like an Engineer who actually knows what he’s doing!

15. Pirate

Look at me! I am the Captain now!

16. Chef

Wanna look like a Chef from France and prepare food for the whole crew so Impostors won’t want to kill you? Here’s a great outfit combo!

17. Astronaut

Wear this Astronaut outfit so you won’t have to worry about surviving in space once the Crewmates decide to eject you from the ship. Bring along a U.F.O. too!

18. Santa’s Little Helper

Another costume that’s great during Christmas. Put on a Green Elf cap or better yet the premium Elf Hat and become Santa’s Little Helper!

Complete List of Among Us Outfits, Hats & Pets

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We will keep updating this page too so make sure to check back often!