How to Farm SLP in Axie Infinity Season 19 (Tips & Tricks)


Smooth Love Potions or SLP farming is the easiest and fastest method to earn when playing Axie Infinity.

It’s one of the most important resources in in the game. Players use them to breed new Axies, or sell them to other players on the market for real-world money.

In this guide, we’ll teach you all methods on how to earn Smooth Love Potions and how to get the maximum amount of SLPs every day.

NOTE: This guide is updated for Season 18. For more information on the changes on SLP rewards, check out our guides here and here.

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How to Earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) in Axie Infinity

There are three ways to earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) in Axie Infinity:

1. Complete the Daily Quest

The Daily Quest consists of three tasks:

  1. Complete the Daily Check-In (by logging in to the game)
  2. Complete 10 Adventure mode levels (can be the same level each time)
  3. Win 5 Arena Matches

Once you clear the 3 daily quests, you can claim a reward of 25 SLP.

The daily quest refreshes every day at 12:00 GMT / 8PM EST / 5PM EST), so do your best to complete the quests before they reset!

2. Battle Monsters in Adventure Mode (PVE)

With Adventure mode, you can earn a maximum of 50 SLP per day.

Previously, the maximum daily SLP was 100 SLP before Season 18 started on August 10, 2021.

Adventure is a single-player mode in Axie Infinity where your team battles against monsters.

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It consists of 36 levels with increasing difficulty, and the higher the level, the more SLP you are rewarded:

Level SLP
Level 1 – 4 1 SLP per win
Level 5 – 9 2 SLP per win
Level 10 – 14 4 SLP per win
Level 15 – 16 6 SLP per win
Level 17 – 20 5-10 SLP per win
Level 21 – 36 10-20 SLP per win

There are also 2 Boss fights in Adventure mode which gives you one-time SLP rewards:

  • Level 21 — 200 SLP
  • Level 36 — 300 SLP

Energy is not required to gain SLP in Adventure Mode. It is only required to gain EXP. This means Adventure mode is the only way to grind SLP if you’ve run out of Energy.

Lastly, Adventure also doesn’t require too much thinking compared to PVP, so it’s a great activity if you want to just mindlessly farm SLP but cannot give 100% of your time and focus on playing.

3. Battle Players in Arena Mode (PVP)

In Arena, you will battle with other players’ Axies in a player vs. player (PVP) match. Arena Mode is the best source of SLP that gives you the highest amount of SLP per time spent.

Energy is required to earn SLP in Arena mode. If you have no energy, you won’t be able to gain SLP in Arena.

1 Energy point is consumed for each Arena match, and you may waste that point if you lose the PVP match.

The amount of SLP you earn from winning an Arena match depends on your matchmaking ranking or MMR. The higher your ranking, the more SLP you earn.

For a list of the average SLP earned per Arena bracket, check out our guide here: Updated SLP Arena Brackets & Rewards.

How to Increase Your Energy

Adventure and Arena battles cost 1 Energy.

  • Adventure (PVE) — Energy is NOT required to earn SLP
  • Arena (PVP) — Energy is required to earn SLP

Since Arena mode requires Energy to earn SLP, one way to increase your daily SLP farming earnings is to also increase your Energy so you can do more battles.


The maximum amount of Energy points and the time it takes to refill it depends on how many Axies you own:

# of Axies You Own Energy per Day Refill Time
3 – 9 Axies 20 Energy 5 Energy every 6 hours
10 – 19 Axies 40 Energy 5 Energy every 3 hours
20+ Axies 60 Energy 5 Energy every 2 hours

To maximize the amount of SLP earned in a day, many players invest on 20+ Axies just to increase their Energy capacity.

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How many SLPs can you earn in a day?

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You are guaranteed a minimum of 75 SLP per day by doing the following:

  • Clear the daily quests — 25 SLP
  • Grind on Adventure mode — 50 SLP

In Arena, there are a few factors that determine the maximum amount of Smooth Love Potions you can earn daily:

  1. Your Arena rank
  2. Your max Energy
  3. Your overall PVP skill and winrate
  4. Your opponent’s ranking

As seen on our list of SLP arena rewards per bracket, the higher your Arena ranking, the more SLP you get from winning a PVP match.

All players start with 20 Energy, which means you can play 20 PVP matches in a day. Again, this can be increased by holding more Axies on your inventory.

Lastly, your average daily SLP earnings will also depend on how good you are at PVP matches. The higher your average winrate, the more SLP you get from winning Arena matches.

How to increase the amount of SLP you can gain daily

Let’s look at an example of how all three factors come together to increase your daily SLP earnings.

If you are a player at 1100-1300 MMR, you’ll get an average of 6 SLP per win. At 20 Energy, that’s a potential of 120 SLP per day!

But that assumes you win 100% of all games you play, which is not very realistic. At a more realistic winrate of 50%, you can earn up to 60 SLP from Arena with 20 Energy.

But if you increase your max Energy to 60 by owning 20+ Axies, you can earn 180 SLP in Arena at a 50% winrate.

If you climb up the next ranking tier at 1300-1400 MMR, you can get 270 SLP per day at 50% winrate and 60 Energy daily.

If you work towards getting better at the game and increase your winrate by 10%, you can get an average of 324 SLP per day at 9 SLP per win, 60% winrate and 60 max Energy.

To summarize, the formula to determine your average SLP earnings per day in Arena is:

Daily SLP gained = SLP earned per win based on rating * max daily Energy * average win rate

How to Claim your SLP

Once you’ve farmed enough Smooth Love Potions, it’s time to actually claim your hard-earned rewards!

Currently, you can only claim your SLP every 14 days.

Just login to your account in the Axie dashboard, make sure your Ronin wallet is connected, and claim your SLP.

You should also be able to see how many locked SLP are claimable and when you’ll be able to claim them.