Top 12 Best Heroes to Buy in Mobile Legends 2020


One question every Mobile Legends player always asks is—which hero should I buy next?

You have saved up enough Battle Points (BP) or tickets to buy a new hero and you don’t want to waste it on a hero that sucks.

This guide will help you decide which hero to buy next—we list down all the best heroes for each role in the current meta, along with a detailed explanation on why you should buy them.

Best Heroes to Buy in Mobile Legends (2020)

Here’s the list of the best heroes to buy in Mobile Legends. (This list is in no particular order.)

1. Granger

Granger is one of the deadliest Marksman in the game right now.


He has extremely high burst damage even in the early game, thanks to his skills. He doesn’t use Mana and also has decent mobility which is a huge plus for a Marksman hero.

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Unlike most Marksmen, Granger can also use his skills to escape from enemies chasing you.

If you want a MM hero that can farm fast in the jungle and contribute as early as the start of the game, we highly recommend buying Granger as your next hero.

Check out our full hero guide and item build for Granger here.

2. Kimmy

Kimmy is still very strong in the current meta. And the good thing is, recently she doesn’t get as many bans as before which is why now is a good time to try her out.


Kimmy has a lot of characteristics for an overpowered (OP) Marksman: a dash skill for mobility, a ranged slow skill, an annoying poking capability that lets her dominate the lane, and the ability to farm very fast.

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She can manually aim and shoot while moving which is really great for laning and jungling. Her first skill can easily delete an opponent’s HP bar even in the early game.

Her 2nd skill also makes her very difficult to chase. Most of the time, enemies who try to chase her would die before they can even touch her!

If you want to rapidly climb up the ranks, you should definitely give Kimmy a try.

3. Grock

Our first Tank recommendation is Grock, a hero with enormous amounts of both defense and damage.

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Grock is mostly known for his signature crowd-control (CC) skill Guardian’s Barrier. It will create a stone wall from a distance which is great for blocking enemy heroes and to disrupt their positioning.

Aside from that, Grock also has great offensive capabilities—not many Tank heroes can tank and deal huge burst damage at the same time!

What’s unique about Grock though is how walls and turrets enhance his power—when near a wall or turret, Grock’s movespeed and physical and magical defense are increased, while his skills get additional bonuses.

If you want a Tank hero with decent CC and burst damage power, we suggest buying Grock as your next hero!

4. Khufra

Another Tank hero that we highly recommend is Khufra, one of the best crowd-controller Tanks in Mobile Legends.


He is known for his signature skill Bouncing Ball turns him into, well, a bouncing ball that stops and cancels mobility skills from agile heroes such as Fanny’s steel cables.

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His ultimate is a powerful CC skill that shoves nearby heroes and lumps them into an area in front of him, dealing damage and slowing them. If they are knocked against a wall they will be stunned.

Go and buy Khufra if you want a powerful Tank with lots of utility and crowd-control skills.

5. Harith

You know how difficult it is to fight against a Harith! He can deal enormous amounts of burst damage with his magical spells, and at the same time he is very mobile and annoying. It’s almost impossible to escape from a decent Harith player.


All of his skills are already very spammable, but his ultimate skill further reduces their cooldown which makes him a very overpowered Mage.

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On top of that, his passive skill reduces crowd-control (CC) durations like stuns and disables by up to 45%, and he also gains a shield that scales based on his magic power.

We recommend adding Harith to your hero pool if you’re looking for a Mage hero that’s extremely deadly and fun to play at the same time. He’s also a great hero for climbing up the ranks as a solo player.

The only disadvantage is that Harith is almost always banned.

6. Valir

Valir’s latest rework made him one of the strongest Mages in Mobile Legends.

His skill 2 is a great CC skill that pushes away enemies. This is great for disrupting enemy heroes that heavily rely on their mobility. This is what makes Valir a great counter to a lot of heroes.

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In addition, he can deal lots of burst damage using his AoE magic spells. His new ultimate enhances the damage of his skills and gives him additional survivability as it removes CC effects and increases his movement speed.

You can use him as a support or an offensive burst damage Mage hero, depending on your playstyle and team lineup.

7. Esmeralda

Esmeralda still remains as one of the most overpowered heroes in Mobile Legends

It’s almost impossible to kill her with the amount of Shields she can generate. Just spam your skill 1 and skill 2 and suck your enemies’ shields like crazy. She is even capable of surviving in a 1 vs. 5 situation.

On top of all that, she can deal huge amounts of damage too—both physical and magical.

If you want a hero that’s extremely tanky and can fight all your enemies face to face, make sure to try out Esmeralda.

8. Masha

Masha is a powerful new Fighter and Tank hero that’s perfect for split pushing and taking down towers.


If you’re the type who prefers completing objectives—destroying towers and taking down the enemy base—instead of joining every team fight, Masha might be the hero for you.

She can destroy enemy turrets as early as Level 3. She can roam quickly because she farms very fast, and she can kill the Turtle and Lord thanks to her skills that let her deal HP-percentage based damage.

Again, she is a hero whose main objective is taking down the enemy base and winning the game. So if you only care about winning the game than the KDAs, Masha is the perfect hero for you!

9. X.Borg

X.Borg is another recently added hero and we highly recommend buying him if you’re looking for a decent Fighter.


X.Borg is a Fighter hero like Masha except he has lots burst damage. His abilities allow him to deal huge amounts of AOE (area-of-effect) and sustained DPS—physical damage and true damage.

He also has a lot of utility during team fights and is excellent at clearing waves.

A lot of players consider him to be a broken, overpowered (OP) hero despite having received nerfs. That’s why he’s also always perma-banned in matches.

10. Gusion

Gusion is still one of the deadliest Magic Assassins in the current meta of Mobile Legends.


He’s a hero that’s best at performing skill combos that can swiftly take down an enemy.

Gusion’s skills give him lots of mobility that allows you to blink in and out of combat, escaping certain death after you have assassinated your targets.

If you want an Assassin that will make your enemies afraid of going out of their base, Gusion is the perfect hero for that.

11. Ling

Ling is a unique, stealthy and deadly Assassin hero. He has a passive ability that lets him stealthily walk and leap through walls, then strike behind his enemies swiftly.


He has superb mobility and ganking capability which is a must for Assassins.

His ultimate skill deals AoE damage, knocks the enemies up for 1s, and gives him invincibility for a few seconds and allows him to move freely. Which means this skill can also act as his escape ability, making it extremely difficult to kill him.

If you think this sounds OP, you would be right!

If your play style includes farming properly and not dying in the early game, only to come out strong in the late game and kill everyone you see, then Ling is definitely the hero for you!

12. Kaja

Finally, if you’re into the Support role then we highly recommend getting Kaja, the King of Ganks.

With Kaja’s ultimate skill, you can pretty much shut down any hero, no matter how fed they are in the late game. Just blink in and pull your target towards your allies and let them do the rest.

The cool thing about Kaja is you can build him as a burst damage Mage if your carries aren’t good enough to win the game. He can act as an Assassin that hides in the bushes, waiting for squishy heroes to solo-kill.

When paired with strong teammates and midlaners, Kaja is an excellent support that can help take down key enemies like Marksmen and Mages.


Hopefully this guide has helped you decide which heroes you should buy next in Mobile Legends.

Heroes cost a lot of Battle Points and it takes some time to save up 32,000 BP. Fortunately we have a guide with tips on how to earn BP fast!

Do you agree with our list? Which heroes are you planning to buy next in Mobile Legends? Comment down your picks below!