Guide to Battle Spells in Mobile Legends: How to Use, Tips & Tricks [2020]


In this guide, we list down all the Battle Spells in Mobile Legends and teach you how to use them effectively.

You can only choose one Battle Spell in each game, so knowing which one to pick and how to use them correctly is very crucial. Read on to learn how!

What are Battle Spells in Mobile Legends?

Battle Spells are active skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that give your hero an additional ability.

There are a total of twelve (12) Battle Spells which can have offensive, defensive, or supportive effects that can either help you secure a kill, survive longer, or execute a strategic maneuver.


You can unlock more Battle Spells as you level up in the game. See the list below to see which levels you can unlock each Battle Spell.

Players choose one Battle Spell that they can use throughout a match.

Complete List of all Battle Spells in Mobile Legends

Now, here’s a list of all Battle Spells that you can choose in the game and some tips on how to use them properly.

execute-battle-spell-mobile-legends Execute

Cooldown: 90
Unlocked: Lv. 1
Effect: Deals 220 − 500 (based on level) plus 10% of target missing HP True Damage to an enemy hero. This damage ignores shield. If Execute kills the target, its cooldown is reduced by 40%.

Execute is usually used by heroes with high burst damage such as Assassins or Fighters. It is perfect for taking down single targets as quick as possible. Use it as a finisher or to burst down squishy enemy heroes.

Quick tip: You can hold down the Execute spell button to select a target.

retribution-battle-spell-mobile-legends Retribution

Cooldown: 35
Unlocked: Lv. 1
Effect: Deals 600 – 1440 (based on level) True Damage to a nearby Jungle Monster or enemy minion.
Passive: Carrying a Jungling Equipment grants 40% damage reduction from Jungle Monsters.

The Retribution battle spell is perfect for heroes who need to farm items fast and spend a lot of time in the jungle. Carry heroes such as Marksmen and Fighters are a good fit for this spell.

To make the most out of this spell, make sure it is always on cooldown. Keep an eye on the spell icon as it has a short cooldown of only 35 seconds.

Pair it up with a Jungling Equipment to gain the passive damage reduction bonus against jungle monsters.


Cooldown: 60
Unlocked: Lv. 5
Effect: Enhances the Hero for 5 seconds. Next 8 basic attacks will ignore 9-23 (based on level) of target’s Physical Defense. Also increases attack speed by 55% for the duration.

The Inspire battle spell is great for Marksmen or Fighter heroes who have huge amounts of physical attack damage.

You should use it to burst down enemy heroes during a teamfight, to push towers, or even when taking down the Turtle/Lord.

When used in the perfect timing, the Inspire spell can turn situations into your favor in an instant.

sprint-battle-spell-mobile-legends-27 Sprint

Cooldown: 100
Unlocked: Lv. 7
Effect: Increases Hero movement speed by 56% for 10 seconds. After 3 seconds, the movement speed speed will decay. Within the first 3 seconds, gains reduced time controlled and immunity to slow effects.

Sprint is overall a great utility battle spell for almost any role. Use it for chasing, escaping, or to catch up with your teammates and join a teamfight.

You can go for Sprint instead of Flicker if you want a mobility spell that lets you position accurately, or if you want the longer movement speed duration.

revitalize-battle-spell-mobile-legends Revitalize

Cooldown: 100
Unlocked: Lv. 9
Effect: Summons a Healing Spring where allies within the area of effect restore 2.8% of their Max HP every 0.5s, and enhance the Shield and HP Regen Effect they receive by 40%. Lasts 5 seconds.

The Revitalize spell is perfect for healers and support role heroes.

To maximize its effects, try your best to heal as many allies as possible instead of just healing one or two heroes. This is crucial especially because it has a very long cooldown of 100 seconds.

You can use Revitalize to save dying allies or to increase your team’s survivability during a team fight.

aegis-battle-spell-mobile-legends Aegis

Cooldown: 90
Unlocked: Lv. 11
Effect: Shields the Hero for 720 – 1420 (based on level) for 3 seconds. Also shields a nearby allied Hero with lowest HP for 50% of the value.

The Aegis gives you and a nearby allied Hero a temporary shield. You can use it when you’re about to jump into a teamfight, or as a last resort to survive and escape from an enemy hero.

Tanks, Fighters and heroes who need to be deep inside a clash (like Claude) can benefit greatly from this battle spell.


Cooldown: 90
Unlocked: Lv. 13
Effect: Deals 115 – 325 (based on level) Magic Damage to surrounding enemies. Also petrifies them for 0.7 seconds.

The Petrify battle spell gives you a quick disable stun, which is great for crowd control (CC).

Use it on enemy heroes who have channeling skills such as Pharsa to interrupt their spells. You can also use it to shut down high-DPS but squishy enemies like Marksmen or Assassins who are hard to kill or have lots of escape.

purify-battle-spell-mobile-legends-28 Purify

Cooldown: 75
Unlocked: Lv. 15
Effect: Removes all negative effects from the Hero. For 1.2 seconds, grants immunity to controlling effect and 30% increased movement speed.

The Purify spell is another great defensive spell that can save you out of sticky situations. Pick this battle spell if you’re facing enemies with lots of hard disables, stuns and CCs. (Related: What is CC in Mobile Legends?)

You’ll need good reflexes to use this skill effectively. Like Aegis, it’s great for heroes who need to jump right in to teamfights.

flameshot-battle-spell-mobile-legends Flameshot

Cooldown: 60
Unlocked: Lv. 17
Effect: Fires a Flaming Shot in a designate direction dealing 350(+100% Total Magic Power) – 490(+140% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage (scales with the range) and slowing the enemies hit by 30% for 1s. When shot out, the Flaming Shot can slightly knock back enemies in the front and slow them by extra 60% for 1s.

The Flameshot spell is a great offensive spell that can deal a huge amount of damage when used properly.

It’s like a ranged and Magic version of Execute, since it depends on magic power for its damage. Unlike Execute though, it’s a “skill shot” where you target a location instead of a hero, and it doesn’t lock on to a target unit.

You can use it on Mages, or if you have skill procs such as Eudora’s passive, or items like Glowing Wand and Lightning Truncheon.

flicker-battle-spell-mobile-legends-33 Flicker

Cooldown: 120
Unlocked: Lv. 19
Effect: Teleport the Hero for a certain distance to specified direction. After teleport, increases Physical and Magical Defense by 6 – 20 (based on level) for 1 second.

Flicker is one of the best and most popular battle spells in Mobile Legends. Use it as an additional mobility tool to teleport and blink away to a short distance.

There’s lots of uses for this spell, whether you want to initiate a teamfight, or you need to quickly position strategically to cast a skill, or you want to escape from a dire situation.

Almost anyone can pick up this spell, but heroes with no mobility skills benefit the most from it

Flicker can be a game changer or a life saver, and a perfectly-timed and well-positioned blink can spell victory for your team.

arrival-battle-spell-mobile-legends Arrival

Cooldown: 120
Unlocked: Lv. 21
Effect: After channeling for 2.5 seconds, teleport the Hero to target allied turret or minion. Target turret or minion is invincible while channeling. After teleport, increases movement by 30% for 3 seconds. If Arrival is interrupted while being channeled, its cooldown is reduced by 50 seconds.

Arrival isn’t a very popular choice, though it has some great advantages.

It can make a target turret invulnerable for a few seconds, so you can use it to protect an unguarded tower from being taken down.

You can also use it to quickly join team fights from a long distance.

vengeance-battle-spell-mobile-legends Vengeance

Cooldown: 70
Unlocked: Lv. 23
Effect: Retaliates against enemies basic attack, dealing 212 – 380 (based on level) Magic Damage each time they attacked for 4 seconds.

Another spell that isn’t used often but it’s great for Tanks and other durable heroes that take a lot of damage.

Use it when initiating a teamfight or when being targeted by lots of enemies and watch their HP bars drop quickly by their own attacks.

Since it deals damage each time you receive an attack, it’s great against enemy heroes with fast attack speed such as Marksmen.


Hopefully this guide has helped you to learn and decide which Battle Spells you should use for different hero roles and situations in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Comment down below which battle spell is your favorite and why!