What is Rally in Legends of Runeterra?

There are lots of mechanics and effects in Legends of Runeterra that may be confusing to players especially beginners.

One of which is the “Rally” effect which gives you an Attack token. But how does it really work? This guide will explain the Rally effect in detail.

Here’s the in-game description of the Rally effect in Runeterra:

If you don’t have one, gain the attack token. You can attack this round.

In summary here’s how it works:

If you activate Rally while you’re a defender, you can allow your units to attack when they normally couldn’t.

Also, if you activate Rally after you’ve used your regular attack on your Attack turn, then you can actually attack again!

How Rally works in Legends of Runeterra

To understand it more clearly, let’s first see how the “Attack Token” works.

During your Attack turn, you gain an Attack Token at the start of the turn, indicated by the orange sword.

Now, when you place units on the board and launch an attack, the Attack Token is now consumed.

But then if you then play a card which activates Rally—now you gain another Attack Token, and you can issue another attack.

Take note that the bonus Attack Token from Rally does not stack—you need to Rally after your first attack if you want to attack a second time.

On the other hand, if you’re the defender of the turn, you can play Rally before or after your opponent strikes their attack.

Rally does not steal your opponent’s attack turn

Another thing to note is Rally does not “steal” your opponent’s Attack Token.

Activating Rally does not swap the attacker and defender roles of the current turn.

It simply gives you you an Attack Token which allows you to attack on that turn. So it’s possible that both players attack each other on the same round.

Cards with Rally in Legends of Runeterra

Here are a couple of cards in Runeterra that can activate the Rally mechanic.

Katarina is a Champion card that can activate Rally. She is recalled to your hand on level up and everytime she attacks. But then everytime you play her, she activates Rally. Katarina also has Quick Attack which is great when paired with Rally as it lets you easily clear enemy units without even getting scathed.

Lucian is another Champion that activates Rally at Level 2 when an ally dies.

Tianna Crownguard is a beefy 7/7 units that Rallies when summoned. Her Tough attribute also allows her to stay longer in battle.

Finally, Relentless Pursuit is a 3-mana Fast spell that lets you Rally at any point in the game—great for sneaking a second wave of attacks to clear out the board or to hit face and finish the game!


Hopefully this guide has helped you understand how Rally works in detail.

If you have any questions or tips & tricks about this effect, make sure to drop a comment below!

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