Guide to How “Scout” Works in Legends of Runeterra

Scout is a new mechanic in Legends of Runeterra introduced in the Rising Tides expansion.

In this quick guide we’ll teach you how the Scout keyword works—a powerful effect that lets you attack a second time.

What is Scout in Legends of Runeterra?

Here’s the in-game description of the Scout keyword:

Scout: The first time only Scout units attack each round, ready your attack.

There are currently 8 cards with the Scout keyword from Demacia and Bilgewater regions:

  • Demacia: Quinn, Grizzled Ranger, Greenfang Warden, Greathorn Companion, Genevieve Elmhart
  • Bilgewater: Island Navigator, Razorscale Hunter, The Syren

How does Scout work in Legends of Runeterra?

When you attack with ONLY Scout units on your board, you will gain an Attack Token which lets you attack a second time. An animation on your attack token will indicate this effect.

Here’s an example. Since I am attacking with two Greenfang Wardens, it will trigger the Scout effect and I will gain an Attack Token.

If I added another non-Scout unit such as the 2/4 Laurent Protege and launched my attack, the Scout effect won’t be triggered. So whenever you’re playing with Scout units, always consider attacking with just Scout units first so you get to attack a second time.

Also, remember that this effect only works the first time in a round.

Grizzled Ranger is perfect for this because even if he dies on the first attack, his Last Breath effect summons a 4/4 Badgerbear which you can attack with on your second wave.

Greenfang Warden is also great because his Barrier allows him to survive the first attack and lets you make efficient trades.

Scouts put a huge threat to the board as they force your opponent to either take huge damage to the face or be forced to make inefficient trades.

Using Scouts with Rally

Rally is another mechanic with a similar effect to Scout. When you activate Rally such as from Relentless Pursuit spell or Tianna Crownguard, you’ll get another Attack Token that lets you attack a second time.

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Now a question arises—will I be able to trigger the Scout again after I use Rally? The answer is no!

Remember, Scout only works the first time in a round. So, if you attack with Scouts, attack with everyone, use Rally, then attack with Scouts, it won’t trigger the Scout effect.

Instead, here’s what you should do to make the most out of both Scouts and Rally:

  1. Attack with Scouts only
  2. Attack with all other units
  3. Activate Rally
  4. Attack again with all other units

Alternatively, you could trigger the Scout effect on your next wave after using Rally:

  1. Attack with all units
  2. Activate Rally
  3. Attack with Scouts only
  4. Attack again with all other units

Using these two methods, you’ll be able to attack three times in a single turn!


We hope this guide has helped you understand more clearly how the Scout mechanics work in Legends of Runeterra.

Scout is a powerful mechanic that puts a huge threat on your opponents. Use it wisely to pressure your enemy into making tough decisions or take Nexus damage!

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to drop them below. And stay tuned for more LoR guides in this blog!

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