How to Gain EXP Fast in Legends of Runeterra

How to Gain EXP Fast in Legends of Runeterra

In this guide, we’ll teach you the most efficient way to maximize all the EXP you can gain each day in Legends of Runeterra.

If you want to craft more cards to build your deck, you’ll need to grind a LOT of experience points to level up your Regions and Weekly Vault.

Leveling up your Regions and Weekly Vault will give you rewards such as cards, Wildcards, and Shards.

How to Gain EXP in Legends of Runeterra

In Runeterra, you gain EXP just by playing games, regardless if you win or not.

However, some of these bonus EXPs have diminishing returns until it caps out and gives no EXP at all. For example:

  1. Losing PVP matches stops giving EXP after 10th loss
  2. Losing AI maches stops giving EXP after 10th loss
  3. Winning/Losing more than 5 matches with a friend stops giving EXP

Below is a complete list of all the ways you can gain EXP each day including their limits.

In the next section, we’ll use this table to come up with an efficient strategy to max out all the bonus EXP we can gain each day.

SourceResultNumber of gamesExperience
First wins of the dayWin1400 XP Bonus
2200 XP Bonus
3100 XP Bonus
PVPWin1 or more200 XP
Lose or Tie1-4100 XP
5-1050 XP
11 or more0 XP
Friend ChallengesWin1-5200 XP
6+0 XP
Lose or Tie1-5100 XP
6+0 XP
AIWin1-4100 XP
5-1075 XP
11 or more50 XP
Lose or Tie1-450 XP
5-1025 XP
11 or more0 XP
ExpeditionWin1 or more100 XP
Lose or Tie1-550 XP
6 or more0 XP
Finish0 wins50 XP
1 win150 XP
2 wins250 XP
3 wins400 XP
4 wins600 XP
5 wins800 XP
6 wins1000 XP
7 wins1500 XP

Note: The limits will reset each day (when the quests reset).


Best way to farm EXP in Legends of Runeterra

Now that we know all of the ways to gain EXP in the game and their caps, here’s a checklist of what you need to accomplish daily if you want to really max out on those sweet EXP points!

Earn EXP to level up Region and weekly vault in Legends of Runeterra

We try to rank this list in order of efficiency (i.e. reward per effort ratio) but feel free to do it your own way!

  1. Try to reroll for 1,500 EXP quests, or quests that favor your decks
  2. Trade 5 wins and 5 losses with a Friend while trying to help each other clear daily quests
  3. Surrender 10 AI matches
  4. Win at least 3 PVP matches
  5. Lose or Surrender 10 PVP matches
  6. Win 10 AI matches
  7. Do Expeditions if available

At this point, you can go on and continue playing more PVP matches. Each win will give you 200 EXP with no cap. You won’t gain EXP from losses if you already lost 10 times.

Winning against AI matches is also an option but after 10 wins, it only gives 50 EXP per win with no cap.

Finally, don’t forget to clear your daily quests for those huge bursts of EXP points.

Bonus tip: You can do daily quests on any game mode like AI or friend matches and they will count even if you surrender!


We hope this guide has helped you on how to farm EXP points and level up your vault and Regions faster!

We’ll be posting more Legends of Runeterra guides, so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!

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