How to Level Up Weekly Vault, Rewards List in Legends of Runeterra

The Weekly Vault is one of the best ways to obtain cards and resources in Legends of Runeterra.

This guide will teach you how the Weekly Vault works and how to maximize the rewards you can get each week!

How does the Weekly Vault work in Runeterra?

In Legends of Runeterra, players get to open a Weekly Vault every Tuesday.

The vault contains 3 chests which give you resources such as cards, Wildcards, or Shards.

You can level up the vault up to Level 13 by earning EXP from playing matches and the higher the level, the better rewards you get once you open it.

At higher levels, the vault even contains an Expedition Token and a Champion card!

What rewards can I get from the Weekly Vault?

And here’s the list of rewards you can get for each Weekly Vault level and how much EXP you need to level up.

Vault Level XP Required From Previous Reward
Chests Other Items
1 0 XP 3 Bronze
2 1000 XP 1 Silver, 2 Bronze 1 Expedition Token
3 1000 XP 2 Silver, 1 Bronze 1 Expedition Token
4 1000 XP 1 Golden, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze 1 Expedition Token
5 1000 XP 1 Golden, 2 Silver 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Card
6 1000 XP 2 Golden, 1 Silver 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Card
7 2000 XP 3 Golden 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Card
8 2000 XP 1 Platinum, 2 Golden 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Card
9 2000 XP 2 Platinum, 1 Golden 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Card
10 2000 XP 3 Platinum 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Wildcard
11 4000 XP 1 Diamond, 2 Platinum 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Wildcard
12 4000 XP 2 Diamond, 1 Platinum 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Wildcard
13 4000 XP 3 Diamond 1 Expedition Token + 1 Champion Wildcard
14+ 4500 XP Additional 1 Capsule with at least 2 Commons and 3 Rares per each level beyond 13

Notable rewards are at Level 2 which earns you an Expedition Token. This gives you a free run at the Expedition game mode.

At level 5, you also get a random Champion card. But once you get to level 10, it even gets better as you get a Champion Wildcard so you get to choose which Champion you want instead of a random one!

What do Chests and Capsules from the Weekly Vault contain?

The Weekly Vault contains three (3) chests that upgrade each time the vault levels up. There’s five (5) types of Chests and here’s what they contain:

Chest Level Contents Shards
Bronze Two Common cards 60+ Shards
Silver Two Common cards, a Rare card 140+ Shards
Gold One (1) Rare Capsule 240+ Shards
Platinum Two (2) Rare Capsules 360+ Shards
Diamond Three (3) Rare Capsules 500+ Shards

Rare Capsules on the other hand contain several Wildcards with at least 1 Rare Wildcard. (Related Guide: How to Use Wildcards & How to Obtain Them)

How to Level Up your Weekly Vault in Runeterra

In general, you gain EXP by playing games and doing Daily Quests in Legends of Runeterra.

Here are some tips on how to earn EXP fast and maximize your Weekly Vault level:

  1. Clear your daily quests as they are the biggest source of EXP every day
  2. Daily quests take effect even on AI and friend matches
  3. Your first 3 PVP matches each day give 400, 200 and 100 bonus EXP
  4. Playing matches will give you EXP even if you lose (up to a certain limit)
  5. Winning and losing 5 times each against a friend also give EXP

We also made a whole article on the most efficient way to farm EXP everyday, check it out here!

It also contains a reference to which game modes give bonus EXP and their limits.

What is the Weekly Vault’s Max Level?

From the chart above, the maximum level your Weekly Vault can get is Level 13.

But once you do, you still continue to earn an additional 1 Capsule, at least 2 Commons and 3 Rares each time you earn 4,500 EXP.

We recommend getting your vault to at least Level 10 each week so you get the Champion Wildcard.


Hopefully this guide has helped you on how to maximize your Weekly Vault’s levels so you get the best rewards every week!

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