Alucard Best Build: Hero Guide, Tips & Tricks [2020]


Alucard—one of the best Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can destroy the enemy team even in a 1 vs 5 scenario.

In this hero guide, we’ll teach you the best items to build for Alucard, as well as tips & tricks on how to use this hero effectively.

Alucard Hero Overview

Alucard is a Fighter hero with great single-target killing abilities.

What makes him unique is his passive ability, Pursuit, which lets him quickly move towards his target on the next basic attack, each time he uses a skill.


He can be very deadly in the mid to late game when farmed well, thanks to his quick mobility, lifesteal, and high attack damage.


  • Great damage
  • Extremely good mobility
  • Almost impossible to kill and escape from
  • Has potential to win a 1v5


  • Weak early game, needs to farm well
  • No CC skill
  • Weak against CC

Alucard Best Item Build

Here are our recommended, tried-and-tested builds for Alucard. Feel free to tweak them to suit your play style. Keep reading as we’ll teach you tips & tricks in the next section!

Demon Hunter Build

Warrior Boots endless-battle-item-mobile-legends-5-2Endless Battle Haass Claws berserkers-fury-item-mobile-legends-3-2Berserkers Fury blade-of-despair-item-mobile-legends-5-2Blade Of Despair queens-wings-item-mobile-legends-2Queens Wings

The first build focuses on building both damage and sustainability, allowing Alucard to survive in battle much longer. In this build you’ll want high attack power, life steal and one defensive item in the late game. This is a great standard build for almost any situation.

Start with the standard Warrior Boots for early defense, great for any Fighter hero.

Endless Battle is your first core item that you should get early on, as it synergizes well with your passive skill. Whenever you use a skill, it will trigger the bonus True Damage from Endless Battle PLUS your passive that lets you close the gap between you and a target enemy.

Next, grab Haas’s Claws which is a great mid-game item that provides decent lifesteal and some physical attack, giving you more survivability in team fights and ganks.

For your next items, you’ll want to focus on increasing your killing capability by further enhancing your overall DPS.

Get Berserker’s Fury for more crit damage and Blade of Despair, the highest ATK item in the game, to cap your damage potential.

Finally, fill your last slot with a defensive item such as Queen’s WingsImmortality, or Rose Gold Meteor. We recommend Queen’s Wings for the added lifesteal when your life drops to 40%.

Pure Damage Build

blade-of-despair-item-mobile-legends-5-2Blade Of Despair berserkers-fury-item-mobile-legends-3-2Berserkers Fury queens-wings-item-mobile-legends-2Queens Wings endless-battle-item-mobile-legends-5-2Endless Battle scarlet-phantom-item-mobile-legends-1-3Scarlet Phantom malefic-roar-item-mobile-legends-2-3Malefic Roar

A good offense is the best defense—this build wastes no time and focuses only on pushing your attack damage to its unreachable limit. You might often hear “Maniac!” or “Savage!” if you use this build.

Boots are optional in this build, thanks to Alucard’s passive skill that lets him blink towards his targets. Movement speed won’t be a problem (at least in the mid-late game where everything moves so fast).

Grab a Blade of Despair right away for that instant massive physical damage boost.

Next, get a Berserker’s Fury for that sweet critical chance. This will allow you to hack and slash through your enemies real quick.

Get a pair of Queen’s Wings in the mid-game for some lifesteal and added survivability. All those enormous amounts of damage are useless if you’re dead. Plus, the more damage you have, the better lifesteal you get.

You’ll still want to get an Endless Battle which is a great combo for your passive and active skills.

Scarlet Phantom is a great addition to this pure damage build, as it gives lots of attack speed. More attack speed, more DPS.

It also has a passive proc that increases your ASPD even further when triggered. This will let you score more hits and increase the chances of dealing a crit damage.

And finally, top it all off with a Malefic Roar. This item gives attack penetration that lets you pierce through your enemies’ defenses. This is great for taking down late game tanks and durable enemy heroes.

Best Battle Spells for Alucard


For Alucard’s battle spells, we highly recommend Purify or Flicker.

Forget Inspire and Retribution, Purify will allow you to fight with confidence and prevent getting stun-locked.

Flicker is also a great option, especially with the current meta where almost every hero has some form of dash or mobility skill.

Best Emblem Set for Alucard


Alucard is extremely farm and item dependent. Equip an Assassin emblem set for him and use the Bounty Hunter tier 3 talent which allows you to buy your items faster.

Tips & Tricks for Alucard

Now, here are some tips & tricks on how NOT to be an “Alutard!”

Farm Early, Kill Later

Alucard is a very farm dependent hero. The best Alucard users are those who basically disappear for the first few minutes, keep farming and farming, clearing lanes and jungles.

Then, once you have your core items online, it’s time to massacre everyone in the enemy team. The key here is to have a huge gold and level lead against all other enemies.

Alucard can also solo Turtle in the early game for even more net worth lead.

Master your Passive Skill, Pursuit

Mastering your passive skill, Pursuit, is what separates the “Alutards” from the Alucards.

After using any skill, Alucard’s next basic attack will deal 1.2x damage, plus it instantly takes him to the target.

When used properly, this passive is very deadly as it allows you to always close the gap between you and your targets. Always alternate your skills and auto-attack: skill, attack, skill, attack, etc.

When used poorly however, this skill is risky and will mess up your positioning. Most beginners will even unnecessarily tower dive with this skill.

With enough games and practice, you’ll learn how to use this mechanic gracefully.

Don’t Initiate!

A common mistake for Alucards is using their mobility from their passive or 1st skill to initiate a team fight.

This is not Alucard’s job! Yes you have good mobility, but you do not have any crowd-control skills. Let your initiators do their thing and save your 1st skill to escape sticky situations or for finishing off targets.


Your job is to kill, not start team fights. And try not to join a teamfight unless your ult is enabled (i.e. your sword is glowing).

Always Secure Kills

Alucard has lots of finishing moves such as his first skill and his ultimate. Try not to use your ult on full HP enemies. Instead, use it to finish off heroes with low HP left.

Don’t be afraid to kill-steal from your teammates especially in the early-mid game. Alucard needs lots of farm and levels.

Alucard’s Skills & Abilities

Here’s the list of Alucard’s passive skills and active abilities.

If it hits 1 enemy, deals damage x 1.2. If it hits 2 enemy, deals damage x 1.1. Next basic attack after using skill deals damage x 1.2 and move to the target.

Cooldown: 9s

Leaps forward and launches 1 strikes. Each strikes deals 240(+160%Total Physical ATK) pts of Physical Damage to the enemy and slow them down.

Cooldown: 5s

Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230(+140%Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage.

Cooldown: 30s

Raises the hero’s physical lifesteal 20% and also locks onto an enemy, deals extra damage with any attacks on the target and raising lifesteal 100% for 8s. While the skill lasts, the hero can fire powerful attack waves forward, dealing 440(+220%%Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies


In this guide we’ve taught you how to build items for Alucard and some tips & tricks on how to use this hero effectively in Mobile Legends.

Which item build do you use for Alucard and what are your secret tricks to dominate the game? Drop a comment down below!