How to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang [2020]

Are you one of those players who’s having a hard time climbing the ranks in Mobile Legends?

Do you always find yourself matched with bad teammates, who think the objective of the game is to have as many kills as possible?

I know that feel, bro.

In this guide, we list down tips on how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and improve your win rates in Ranked games.

1. Play with a reliable, consistent team

Playing with a reliable team of real-life friends (or even friends you find in-game) is the best way to play Ranked games. There are multiple advantages to playing with a consistent team.


First, you prevent the chances of being matched with bad teammates. And even if your friends aren’t really above average, you still know who the good ones and the bad ones are. That way, you know who you can rely on (good ones) and who to play more defensively with (not-so-good ones).

Second, communication will be easier—they are your friends after all! The lesser the toxic trashtalking, the better chances of winning.

Thirdly, you can decide which roles each of you will be taking. No more spamming “We need a tank!” during hero selection.

Lastly, playing with the same group of people over and over allows you to discuss, re-strategize, evaluate your performances and help improve each other’s skills.

2. Stick to playing a few heroes

Don’t be a “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Find a hero and role that you enjoy playing and stick to them until you master them.

Keeping your hero pool low allows you to focus improving your skills on those heroes and unlock their full potential, increasing your win rate.

That being said, you should still try to play other heroes at least 1-2 times. That way you know how their skills work and how to counter them.

3. Focus on destroying towers and enemy base

Always keep in mind that the objective of Mobile Legends—just like any other MOBA game—is pushing and destroying the enemy’s throne.

This is what separates good players from bad players.


Bad players think ML is all about killing enemy heroes. They lose games even when they are way ahead in kill count and farm. They get cocky and even purposefully retreat during an enemy wipeout instead of just ending the game right away.

Good players can still win games even when they are under-farmed and behind in kills.

Take advantage of Lord, know when to fight and when to stay in base, and don’t waste time farming jungle when enemies are dead—push, push, push!

4. Take a break!

You might find yourself tilted and angry after playing a few games, especially if you just lost a game because you got paired with shitty teammates.

If that’s the case, get some rest! Or if you still really want to play Mobile Legends, just go for other game modes like Classic or Brawl.

Being in a good mental condition will highly improve your performance and increase your win rates.


Follow these four simple tips when playing Ranked matches and you’ll reach Mythic rank in no time!

If you find yourself too stressed out as you keep losing stars Ranked match after Ranked match, keep in mind that at the end of the day, Mobile Legends is just a game: don’t forget to have fun!