How to Find & Chase Crows in Plant vs. Undead (Farming Guide)


Finding and chasing Crows in Plant vs. Undead is one of the most rewarding yet difficult quests when farming.

Here’s a quick guide on how to find these birds and how to scare them away for a chance to get lots of LE and Sunflower Sapling rewards.

What are Crows in Plant vs. Undead?

Every 2 to 6 hours, there is a 30% chance for a crow to appear in a farm plant.

If a crow stays on the plant, it will pause the growth of the plant, which means it will take longer to harvest.

After 7 days, the crow will fly away naturally.

This means that if the crow stays in a 200 LE / 48 hours plant, the plant owner will have to wait 48 hours + 7 days for the plant to complete its cycle.

So it’s very important to keep your plants free from these annoying birds! But how?

To scare the crows away, you will need the help of other players to put scare crows on your plants.

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How to use Scarecrows in Plant vs. Undead?

Scarecrows are gardening tools that can be bought from the shop for 20 LE. A scarecrow can be used 20 times.

When a crow appears on a farm plot, you can use a scarecrow and place it on the plant.

This will scare the crow away so that the growth timer of the plant will continue running.

A player who successfully chases crows away using scarecrows will get a 10% chance to receive two Sunflower Saplings.

Aside from that, you’ll also get a chance to get the Light Energy (LE) rewards:

  • 60% to get 20 LE
  • 30% to get 50 LE
  • 9% to get 200 LE
  • 1% to get 1000 LE

Remember that 100 LE can be converted into 1 PVU token (with a 5% tax).

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How to Chase Crows in Plant vs. Undead

Here are the steps on how to chase crows using Scarecrows in Plant vs. Undead.

1. Buy the Scarecrow from the shop

Scarecrows cost 20 LE for a total of 20 usage.

Just click on the pink Shop button on the left.

2. Start looking for plants to water

Go to the “land” tab to look for plots of farm. Ideally, you should only water plants that have a lower water count to get better rewards.

3. Look out for crows

While watering farm plants, there is a small chance that a crow appears on the plot.

Take note though that this occurrence is very rare, so just be very patient!

4. Use the Scarecrow

If you do find a scarecrow while watering, you should chase it away quickly using scarecrows.

Click on the plant then click on “Use” beside the scarecrow icon on the left sidebar.

Try to do this as fast as possible, or else other players may do it ahead of you and you won’t get the rewards.

If this unfortunate event happens, you’ll get an Error that says “No crow to apply.”

5. Repeat five times to complete the daily quest

Chasing crows has a daily limit of 5 times per day.

This daily quest is optional, but if you finish it, you’ll get additional LE rewards for clearing the quest.

The other daily quest that’s much easier to complete is watering plants 15 times.


Just remember that crows are very hard to find and it is extremely rare to encounter one while gardening. The rewards will definitely be worth it though!

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