How Much It Costs to Play Plant vs. Undead (Farming Starter Guide)


Plant vs. Undead is a new blockchain game where players can play-to-earn, similar to games such as Axie Infinity and Cryptoblades.

Wanna be a part of the community that has been earning a profit just by farming and gardening?

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the initial costs of starting your Plant vs. Undead farming journey.

In this article, we’ll discuss the minimum initial investment needed to play PVU and some tips on how you can spend this wisely.

(Disclaimer: Our articles and guides in are not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before putting money on the game and only invest what you can afford to lose.)

How much it costs to start farming in Plant vs. Undead

To start playing the farming game mode of Plant vs. Undead, the minimum investment you need to spend is 5 PVU tokens or around 100 USD.

This is based on the current market price of PVU tokens which is around $20. You can check out the current price of PVU at CoinGecko here or on the widget below.

Note that as with any other cryptocurrency, the market price of this token is very volatile and may fluctuate any time in the future, depending on when you are reading this article.

What are PVU Tokens?

PVU tokens are the in-game cryptocurrency token of Plant vs. Undead. It is a BEP20 token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

You can use it to exchange for Light Energy or LE, an in-game resource used to buy items you need for gardening such as sunflower seeds, watering cans, and scarecrows. More on this below.

To obtain PVU tokens, you will need to buy it from a cryptocurrency exchange such as PancakeSwap.

We have a complete step-by-step guide on how to do this here: How to Buy Plant vs Undead (PVU) Tokens.

Once you’ve played the game for some time, you’ll earn lots of Light Energy (LE) by farming, harvesting rewards and doing daily quests.

These LE can then be converted back to PVU tokens at a rate of 100 LE = 1 PVU, with a 5% tax per exchange.

This is pretty much the play-to-earn cycle of the game, although more game modes and features such as PVE and PVP battles are coming soon.

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What should I do with my initial investment of 5 PVU tokens?

If you’ve already bought 5 PVU tokens and transferred them to your MetaMask wallet, the next step is to convert these into LE.

The current exchange rate in the game is 1 PVU = 70 LE. This means you can get 350 LE with your starting 5 PVU tokens.

There are several ways to spend these 350 LE when you’re just starting out.

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As an overview, here are the tools/items that you can buy from the shop using LE:

  • Water — 50 LE, can be used 100 times
  • Scarecrow — 20 LE, can be used 20 times
  • Small Pot — 50 LE, used to plant a Sunflower
  • Big Pot — 100 LE, used for regular NFT plants
  • Sunflower Sapling — 100 LE, gives you 250 LE after 3 days, requires a small pot
  • Sunflower Mama — 200 LE, gives you 850 LE after 6 days, requires a small pot

Ideally, you’ll want to buy at least 1 set of Water, 1 Sunflower Sapling, and 1 Small Pot so you can start growing your own Sunflower and harvest 250 LE after 72 hours.

However, other players recommend that when you’re starting out, just buy only 1 set of Water for 50 LE at first.

Then, complete the daily quest of watering 15 plots to obtain your 50 LE reward and Sun Box.

A Sun Box is a “loot box” that has a chance to drop the following:

  • 30% to drop 100x water and 20x scarecrows
  • 30% to drop 2x small pots
  • 30% to drop 1x Sunflower Sapling
  • 9.9% to drop 1x Sunflower Mama
  • 0.1% to drop 1x seed

Your next decision on where to spend your remaining LE will then depend on what you received from the box.

This is so you avoid buying or owning duplicates or excess of an item or tool.

For example, if you got the 2x Small Pots reward, then you can buy 1 Sunflower Sapling (100 LE) and 1 Sunflower Mama (200 LE) with your remaining 300 LE.

Another scenario is if you get 1x Sunflower Sapling reward, then you’ll only need to buy 1 Small Pot to plant it, plus you’ll have additional 250 LE to buy another Small Pot and a Sunflower Mama.

As you can see, you can get the most value out of your remaining LE if you base your initial investments on your first Sun Box reward.

It is more efficient than if you immediately started buying tools and seeds without knowing what your first Sun Box loots are.


We hope this guide has helped give you an idea how much initial investment is needed to start farming and gardening on Plant vs. Undead.

Once you’re happy with your LE and PVU earnings, check out our guide here on how to cash out and withdraw your earnings into fiat money.

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