Plant vs. Undead Farming Batch Schedule (Updated Sept. 2021)

Having trouble logging in to Plant vs. Undead? Do you always get the “Farm Maintenance” error message?

Then your account probably belongs to a different batch schedule!

The developers of Plant vs. Undead (PvU) has implemented a scheduling system that allows everyone to play the game despite heavy server traffic.

This is caused by the huge amount of new players trying to join this new promising play-to-earn game.

Read this article to learn more about the farming batch scheduling system and how to know which batch you belong to.

What is the farming batch system in Plant vs. Undead?

In Plant vs. Undead, there is a scheduling system where players are divided into several batches.

Each wallet/game account will be assigned to a specific batch. For example, you may belong to Batch 1 and your friend on Batch 2.

Only one batch can enter and play the game at a time. This means players will take turns in playing the game and each batch rotates at 1-hour intervals.

See the next section below for an example of a scheduling for each batch.

So far, there can be 2-4 batches at a time, although this can increase up to 12 batches with 20 minutes of playing time for each group.

This means that you’ll need to wait several hours before you can play again, depending on your batch’s schedule.

This farming batch schedule system was implemented to help moderate the server traffic due to the surge of new players.

A system where few players take turns in logging in to the game is better than if everyone tries to log in at the same time and the server crashes and no one at all will be able to play!

Farming Batch Schedule in Plant vs. Undead

Here is the latest farming batch schedule as of August 31, 2021 (GMT+8 Philippines Time):

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
01:00 01:20 01:40 02:00 02:20 02:40
05:00 05:20 05:40 06:00 06:20 06:40
09:00 09:20 09:40 10:00 10:20 10:40
Group 7 Group 8 Group 9 Group 10 Group 11 Group 12
03:00 03:20 03:40 04:00 04:20 04:40
07:00 07:20 07:40 08:00 08:20 08:40
11:00 11:20 11:40 12:00 12:20 12:40

Disclaimer: The schedule is subject to change anytime, especially during times with heavy server traffic, or when there’s a server maintenance or game updates.

If the schedule above is incorrect, you can go ask for the latest one the community at the official PvU Discord server or on Twitter.

How do I know which batch I belong to?

With the latest update on August 31, 2021, the devs have made it easer to check which batch you belong to and when your schedule is to play.

Just go to the farm where you normally see the “Farm Maintenance” error.

In this page, you’ll see which group you belong to and the remaining time before you can enter the game.

Farm Maintenance Issues in Plant vs. Undead

(Full Guide: How to Fix “Farm Maintenance” Issue in Plant vs. Undead)

If you have tried every to check for every single batch schedule, then your account is probably not whitelisted yet.

Only whitelisted accounts can enter the game (if it’s your batch’s turn!)

For new accounts, it may take time before the system accepts your account to the whitelist.

It may take around 24 to 48 hours (1-2 days) before your account is added to the whitelist.

So, come back again after 1 day and check in again every hour.

I’ve waited for 24-48 hours and I still couldn’t play PvU!

At the worst case scenario where you have waited for 1-2 days and you still could not log in to the game even when you’ve tried checking every hour, there may be other unknown issues such as server overload.

You can try contacting the PvU team via the Discord channel or on Twitter.

Whatever the cause for the issue, the mods advise you to just be patient.

The devs are definitely doing their best to keep up with the increasing server demand due to the surge of new players—which is a good thing for the whole Plant vs. Undead community!

Just remember that these server and maintenance issues are very common to almost every NFT game there is out there, and almost every single NFT play-to-earn game in existence are still in their very early stages.

This is simply an indicator that there is a huge “boom” in these kinds of games and that you’ve made the right decision to jump in on the bandwagon while it’s too early!