Axie Infinity Breeding Guide: How to Breed Axies (Step-by-Step)


Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game where players breed virtual pets called Axies and battle them with each other.

In this guide we’ll teach you the mechanics of how breeding works in Axie Infinity and how you can breed your own Axies.

What is Breeding in Axie Infinity?

In Axie Infinity, players can breed two Axies to create a new offspring Axie.

The offspring Axie comes in the form of an Egg, which morphs into an Adult after 5 days.

The offspring Axie can then be used to battle, breed new offspring, or be sold on the Axie marketplace.

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Breeding Axies will cost you some resources.

Systems are put in place by the devs in order to manage the Axie population.

This will prevent inflation and a potential collapse in the game’s economy.

What is “Breed Count” in Axie Infinity?

“Breed count” is the number of times an Axie has already bred and produced offspring.

Axies can only breed up to 7 times, so an Axie can have a maximum breed count of 7/7.


Generally, Axies with lower breed counts are more valuable. Axies who have a 0/7 breed count are called Virgin Axies.

Note that Sibling Axies cannot breed together, and Parents cannot breed with their offspring.

What are the costs of breeding Axies?

Breeding two Axies together will cost 1 AXS token and a certain amount of Smooth Love Potions (SLP).

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The higher the breed count of the Axies used to breed, the more SLP is required.

Here are the costs of breeding Axies for each breed count:

Breed Count New SLP Cost Old SLP Cost
1 600 300
2 900 600
3 1500 900
4 2400 1500
5 3900 2400
6 6300 3900
7 10200 6300

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As you can see, the SLP cost increases significantly the higher the breed count of an Axie.

This is why virgin Axies and Axies with lower breed counts are more valuable.

How to Breed Axies in Axie Infinity

Here are the steps on how to breed Axies in Axie Infinity:

  1. Go to your inventory
  2. Select the first Axie you want to breed
  3. Click on Breed button
  4. Select the second Axie you want to breed with
  5. Click “Let’s Breed!” and confirm the prompt


After a few moments, the Egg of the new offspring Axie will be in your inventory.

How long does it take for an Axie Egg to morph into an Adult Axie?

Axies will take five (5) days to reach maturity, after which you can morph your egg to become an Adult Axie.

This can be seen in the Axie’s “current state” progress bar.


You can only see the Axie’s genes once it becomes an adult.

Morphing an Egg int oan Adult Axie is free and doesn’t incur any costs.

What are Axie genes?

All Axies have a body shape and six (6) body parts.

Each body part has 3 different genes: a Dominant (D), recessive (R1) and a minor recessive gene (R2).

When breeding Axies, genes have a certain chance to be passed down to the offspring Axie. Here are their corresponding chances:

  1. Dominant (D) — 37.5% chance to pass to offspring
  2. Recessive (R1) — 9.375% chance to pass to offspring
  3. Minor Recessive (R2) — 3.125% chance to pass to offspring

What are gene mutations in Axie breeding?

Aside from the chances of genes to be passed down to the offspring, there is also a chance for each gene to mutate.

A mutation is when a gene completely changes into a different random body part that’s not inherited from the offspring’s parents.

There is a 10% chance for each of the twelve R1 and R2 genes to mutate. Dominant genes however have 0% chance to mutate.

This means that there is roughly 1/3 chance that no mutations will happen, and a 2/3 chance where at least one mutation happens.

Here are the chances of an offspring Axie to have 0-6 mutations:

  • 0 mutations — 28.24% chance
  • 1 mutation — 37.66% chance
  • 2 mutations — 23.01% chance
  • 3 mutations — 8.523% chance
  • 4 mutations — 2.131% chance
  • 5 mutations — 0.379% chance
  • 6 mutations — 0.049% chance

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