Best Combos in Axie Infinity (Tank, Support, Damage)


In Axie Infinity, players battle digital pets called Axies by letting them perform moves that can either deal damage, or give out a supportive effect such as healing the team.

While cards can be powerful on their own, most cards are better when comboed with specific cards.

In this guide, we list down some of the most popular and effective card combinations in Axie Infinity.

Knowing these strategies well will help you choose your starter team, win more games, and farm more SLP.

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Best Combos for Tank and Support Axies

1. Vegetal Bite & Disguise

This combo is great for stealing energy from your opponent.

Disguise (Leaf Bug) is a 0 Energy Bug card that steals 1 Energy when comboed with a Plant card.

Vegetal Bite (Serious) is the perfect Plant card to combo with this, because it also steals 1 Energy when comboed with another card.

2. Sticky Goo & Healing Aroma

This one is a powerful defensive and utility combo: it has a tanking mechanism, a heal, and a stun!

Sticky Goo (Snail Shell) allows you to tank damage and potentially stop an enemy attacker’s combo—it stuns an Axie’s attacker if its shield breaks.

Follow it up with Healing Aroma (Rose Bud) to recover the damage received and get the full value out of the card.

3. Sticky Goo & Carrot Hammer

Sticky Goo (Snail Shell) stuns the enemy if the Axie’s shield breaks.

A good combo would be Carrot Hammer (Carrot) to gain more shield and to gain 1 Energy on shield break

This card combo is perfect for stopping enemy combos by simply tanking damage.

Best Combos for Damage Dealer Axies

1. Star Shuriken (Shoal Star) + Fish Hook (Risky Fish)

This is one of the most powerful offensive combos thanks to two extremely high damage Aqua cards.

Fish Hook (Risky Fish) gives an Axie bonus attack when attacking Plant, Reptile or Dusk Axies, which are commonly used as frontliner Tanks.

Star Shuriken (Shoal Star) on the other hand prevents an enemy to enter Last Stand if the attack is fatal.

Make sure to calculate your damage correctly so that this card will be the one to bring the target’s HP to zero.

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2. Ronin & Imp (RIMP)

The Ronin Imp or “RIMP” Axie is one of the most popular DPS builds and for good reason: this combo deals a huge amount of damage AND gain energy at the same time.

Single Combat (Ronin) gives a guaranteed critical strike when comboed with at least 2 other cards.

Pair this with another card and an Ivory Stab (Imp) to secure your team 1 Energy point.

3. Nut Throw & Nut Crack

The Nut Cracker combo is another commonly used strategy to deal high damage to your opponents.

This combo consists of two Beast cards that synergize with each other: both Nut Throw (Nut Cracker Tail) and Nut Crack (Nut Cracker Mouth) will deal 120% more damage when comboed together.

The Nut Cracker combo is great for both PVP Arena and for grinding in Adventure mode.

4. Dark Swoop & Egg Bomb

This Bird combo focuses on taking down the enemy team’s backline so they lose their damage dealer Axies as soon as possible.

Use Dark Swoop (Little Owl) as an opener attack which will allow you to target the fastest enemy, i.e. the enemy with the highest Speed.

Axies with high Speed are usually the damage dealers classes that have a low HP. They are sometimes called “glass cannons.”

Combo this card with the 120 Attack card Eggbomb (Egg Shell) and you have the perfect backstabbing Axie!


Hopefully this guide can help you improve your winrate in PVP Arena battles, or guide you in choosing your starter team of 3 Axies.

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Got any cool combo tricks up your sleeve? Share your ideas and strategies in the comments below!