Axie Infinity New Breeding Fees (Season 19 Update)


Heads up Axie breeders—there is a slight adjustment to the breeding fees in Axie Infinity!

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the new breeding costs and the reason behind this much needed adjustment.

New Axie Infinity Breeding Fees

In another effort to improve the economy of the game, the Axie Infinity developers will introduce a new update to Axie breeding.

On September 22, 2021, Sky Mavis announced in an official blog post that the SLP and AXS costs of breeding new Axies will be adjusted.

Here are the new breeding costs per Axie Breed Count, in comparison to the old one:

Breed Count New SLP Cost Old SLP Cost
1 600 300
2 900 600
3 1500 900
4 2400 1500
5 3900 2400
6 6300 3900
7 10200 6300

In addition to the SLP changes, the AXS cost per breed is always reduced from 2 AXS to 1 AXS.

These changes will take effect a day after the announcement, or on September 23, 2021 UTC time.

For a complete guide on how to breed Axies, check out our breeding guide here.

Balancing the Axie Infinity Economy

In the same blog post, the devs explained their motive behind this move.

“The Axie economy needs to be balanced by rewarding everyone’s immediate efforts while supporting a long-term plan for community growth,” the article said.

SLP price has notably been in a steady decline in the past few weeks. This resulted in a lot of “FUD” (fear, certainty and doubt) revolving around the community that Axie Infinity is a “dead game” and no longer profitable.

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This breeding cost adjustment is yet another effort to improve and balance the economy of the game, specifically the surplus of circulating SLP supply.

The most recent attempt to avoid an oversupply of SLP was the halving of Adventure SLP rewards last August.

As the SLP price went lower and lower, the more pressure there was for the devs to do something about it.

More mechanisms to burn SLP were due. In fact, this latest breeding cost update was already being hinted at by devs such as Jiho and Psycheout.


We recognize that the $AXS cost relative to the $SLP cost per breed is currently imbalanced, and will make more adjustments in the future

This is something that we try to communicate frequently, but people seem to forget it and think that this is the final version of Axie

— Psycheout – Aleksander | Axie Infinity (@Psycheout86) September 12, 2021

At the end of the article, Sky Mavis assured that while they are making these changes manually, the game is still very early in its journey, and the long-term plan is to implement an autonomous manager for the economy, either by informed members of the community, or by artificial intelligence:

“We hope to ultimately implement an auto-balancing system that will adjust the AXS and SLP portions of the breeding fee to be both stable in dollar/fiat terms and in relation to each other.”

SLP to the moon?

The news of the breeding cost update was seemingly met by a positive feedback from the community.

So wait, you love me now?! 🤔😆

— Smooth Love Potion (@SmallLovePotion) September 23, 2021

This is made even more apparent by the market price of Smooth Love Potion skyrocketing from an average of $0.06 to a peak of $0.087 after the announcement—an 24-hour increase of 25% according to CoinGecko.


Since breeders now need to burn more SLP to breed new Axies, the sharp increase in SLP price is most likely also caused by players racing to accumulate SLP while it’s dirt cheap.


What do you think about the most recent update to the breeding costs in Axie Infinity?

Will this do more harm than good, or do you think it will save the ever declining market price of Smooth Love Potions, enough to entice even more players to the game?

As for us, we definitely wish it’s the latter!

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