How to Change Custom Game Settings in Among Us

In Among Us, there are tons of game settings that you can change to customize how your game plays out.

For example, you may choose to have more than one Impostor, increase the movement speed of players, or modify the duration of emergency meetings.

The possibilities are endless and you may tweak each setting according to your liking.

There’s no intuitive user interface in the game to modify the settings, so here’s a quick guide on how to do it!

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How to Change Game Settings in Among Us

Here are the steps to change your game’s custom settings. Note that only the host (the player who created the lobby) can change these settings.

1. In the lobby, go to the computer and tap “Customize”

You can only change these game settings once you’re in the lobby while waiting for other players to join.

2. Go to the “Game” tab

Tapping the Customize button will open up a window where you can select your avatar’s color and appearance.

You’ll want to tap on the “Game” tab though to open the game settings panel.

3. Customize the settings!

Feel free to try and experiment around with the values. Some players prefer a faster movement speed and shorter voting durations for fast-paced games.

If Crewmates are always winning, you may opt to give more advantages to the Impostor by increasing their vision, or reducing their Kill cooldowns.

When playing with friends, we found it to be really fun when there’s more than one Impostor. That way, more players get to be an Impostor more often!

The possibilities are endless and it’s all about player preference and the right amount of balance!

Also, when joining other players’ rooms, we highly recommend that you check what the game’s settings are.

It is very crucial to know, for example, how many common tasks there are, or if Visual Tasks are enabled or not.

How to Use Default Game Settings in Among Us

You may also select the “Recommended Settings” checkbox if you want to reset to the default settings.

How to Change UI and Controls Settings in Among Us

If you want to change UI and control settings in the game, you may do so through the gear icon in the upper right. The gear icon can also be found in the main menu.

In this menu, you may choose whether you want to use the Joystick or Touch controls.

We also recommended using the biggest size for the Joystick controls especially if you have a smaller device and big hands!

Best Among Us Game Settings for Balanced and Fun Gameplay

Now that you know how to edit the game settings in Among Us, we highly recommend checking out our guide on what the best settings and modifiers are to have the most balanced, fair and equally fun gameplay.

Good luck and have fun!