What is “Funnel” Strategy and How to Use it in Mobile Legends

Have you heard one of your teammates say “let’s funnel!” and you have no idea what it means?

Don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll explain to you what the “funnel strategy” is and how to use it to win more games!

What is “Funnel” Strategy in Mobile Legends?

The Funnel Strategy in Mobile Legends simply means the whole team will give ALL the creeps and buffs to the Marksman so that he can level up and buy items very fast.

That’s why it’s called funnel, because the 4 teammates will “funnel” all of the gold, experience, and buffs to the Marksman hero.

The goal is to feed your team’s carry Marksman so that once he becomes very fat, he will dominate the whole game and kill the enemy team easily!

If done correctly, this is a very powerful strategy and you will have higher chances of winning the match.

Here’s how to do it!

How to do the “Funnel” Strategy in Mobile Legends

First off, it’s easier to use the funnel strategy in a 5-man team because everyone can plan ahead and each member knows what to do. However, it’s still possible in solo/duo/trio queue if everyone cooperates. Teamwork is a must!

1. Pick a hyper carry, a tank and a support/mage

The minimum requirements for your lineup is at least one strong Marksman hero such as Claude, Granger, or Karrie who will act as the main carry for the team. We recommend our Top 12 Best Heroes guide to help you pick your lineup!

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Your team should also have at least one tank and a support, typically a mage hero.

These three roles will need to stick together a lot especially during the early-mid game. The tank and support mage should protect the Marksman at all times!

2. Follow a 1-3-1 Laning setup

The funnel strategy usually follows 1-3-1, which means 1 hero in the top lane, 3 heroes in mid lane, and 1 hero in the bot lane.

Your laning setup should look something like this:

  • 1 Top (Offlane) — Fighter such as X.Borg, Chou, or Kaja
  • 3 Middle — Carry, Tank and Support
  • 1 Bottom — Another Fighter, Assassin or Support

3. Kill jungle creeps and give all buffs to Marksman

The first thing to do is Marksman and Tank should take the red buff first at 0:30 seconds, then the rest of the jungle creeps, including the river creeps if possible. Again, make sure the Marksman takes ALL the last hits.

The Support/Mage can take the middle lane to defend the tower and harass the enemy mid.

4. Start roaming and ganking

Once the Marksman reaches around level 4 and gets his ultimate skill, then the trio (Marksman, Tank, Mage) may start roaming around the map to gank enemy heroes.

This will give the carry Marksman even more farm, and at the same time make it hard for your opponents to farm.

This trio lineup composed of the Marksman + Tank + Mage is a force to be reckoned with. However, do not get too cocky! Remember the goal is to get the Marksman very fat as soon as possible.

5. Take objectives

Keep an eye on the Turtle timer—the MM and tank should try to take the Turtle as soon as possible. If you take the first turtle and the next Turtle respawns, you will be ahead of your enemy team. Again, protect your Marksman at all costs and try to distract and prevent the enemy from stealing the Turtle.

Finally, don’t forget to take towers if there’s an opportunity!

6. Rinse and Repeat!

At this point, your Marksman carry should be well-farmed and have his core items ready.

Again, the key of the funnel strategy is giving all the farm and buffs to your Marksman while protecting him at all costs.


The Funnel Strategy in Mobile Legends is easy to execute as long as everyone cooperates!

If you do it correctly, funneling is a very powerful strat that will surely crush your opponents and push you towards Mythic rank!