MIR4 Darksteel Mining Guide (Where to Farm, Tips & Tricks)


Darksteel is the primary resource that players need to farm in MIR4 in order to earn a profit.

This guide will teach you how to obtain Darksteel, the best locations to mine them, and some tips on how to farm them fast.

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How to Mine Darksteel in MIR4

Darksteel is the main resource that allows you to earn while playing MIR4.

At Level 40, Darksteel can be smelted into DRACO which can be converted into tokens that are tradeable on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Here are five methods on how to obtain Darksteel in MIR4.

1. Obtain Darksteel by doing quests

The fastest way to earn your first batch of Darksteel is by doing missions and gaining Darksteel rewards.


Mission quests can be repeatable for a certain amount per day. (See the next section below for more tips!)

However, if you want to farm Darksteel where you can make a decent amount of extra income, you’re going to have to do better than just doing quests.

2. Mine Darksteel at Bicheon Valley

Bicheon Valley is one of the best spots to mine Darksteel in MIR4.

Once you reach Level 20, you will unlock the Valley System.

Open your Global Map by clicking your current location name on the top right (next to Channel Button).

Select Bicheon Area then Bicheon Valley. Then, select from one of the Bicheon Valley floors (1F to 4F).


Click on the “Gathering Grounds and Quarry” dropdown button.

Finally, click Darksteel Mining Site.


The higher the Bicheon Valley floor, the better the mining spot and the more Darksteel you can farm. However, higher levels will also be more difficult.

3. Mine Darksteel at Magic Square

Another location to mine Darksteel is at the Magic Square’s Darksteel Chamber room.

The Magic Square is accessible after doing a mission at Level 24.

You can access this via the game’s menu interface. Just go to Portal and select Magic Square.

The Magic Square is composed of several rooms. You can move to another room every five seconds but you will be taken to a random room each time.

It may take a few tries but just keep teleporting until you reach Darksteel Chamber—a room full of Darksteel mining piles.

Here, you have two turns (Magic Square tickets) to grind for 30 minutes per turn, so make the most out of it.

At higher levels, you can also access higher Magic Square floors with better Darksteel rewards.

In both locations (Bicheon or Magic Square), just beware of PK (player kill).

4. Do Daily Tasks

Daily tasks are fairly simple to do and certain tasks can give you a nice amount of Darksteel as rewards.

These can be small tasks such as enhancing an equipment.


5. Unlock Achievements

Aside from daily tasks, you can also receive one-time Darksteel rewards by unlocking achievements.


These are one-off tasks such as completing repeatable quests 30 times.

You should be able to naturally unlock all these achievements as you keep playing the game over a long period of time.

Tips on Farming Darksteel Fast

Here are some tips and tricks on how to farm Darksteel fast in MIR4.

1. Accept repeatable quests that give you Darksteel rewards

As mentioned above, aside from mining Darksteel, you can gain them from quest rewards.

Try to only accept repeatable quests that give you Darksteel when completed. Repeatable quests in Higher level areas give more amounts of Darksteel.

These quests can be repeated three times daily and you can gain the rewards each time.

Take note that you can only do 30 quests per server reset. This means that to maximize your Darksteel earnings, you should try to prioritize quests at higher levels with Darksteel rewards first, then move your way down to lower levels.

Finally, you can enable the “Automatic” feature and your character will do the quest for you even while you AFK!

2. Look for Rarer Darksteel piles

A common newbie mistake is to go and mine the nearest pile of Darksteel you find.

But, each Darksteel pile actually has a specific rarity based on their color. This can affect the amount of Darksteel you get:

  • Common Mine (Gray/White): 25-30 Dark Steel
  • Uncommon (Green): 35-40 Dark Steel
  • Rare (Blue): 45-60 Dark Steel
  • Epic (Red): 100-150 Dark Steel
  • Legendary (Yellow): 150-200 Dark Steel

So the next time you mine at Bicheon Valley or Darksteel Chamber, try to find the rarest Darksteel mine that’s not taken by another player.

Otherwise, just stick with any rarity—an available Darksteel pile is better than nothing at all!

3. Try switching channels

As you may have noticed, you cannot mine a Darksteel pile that is already taken by another player.

You can try switching channel servers if the mining locations are too crowded.


This will also prevent the risks of getting attacked by other players, as most mining spots have PK enabled.

4. Disable the Counterattack setting

When aggro enemies attack you while AFK mining, your character will automatically counter attack them.

This may slow down your mining speed.

You can turn off this option at the Combat Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom of the screen.

Then, turn off the “Counterattack when Hit” checkbox.

5. Increase your maximum storage

Another way to improve your AFK mining efficiency is by increasing your character’s maximum storage.

You can buy Bag Expansion tickets by spending Copper.

Just click on the Cart icon on the top menu.

Go to “Common Product” tab then “Consumable” tab.

A 50-slot Bag Expansion Ticket I costs 200,000 Copper.

Another 50-slot Bag Expansion Ticket II will cost you 1,000,000 Copper.

This will be helpful if you don’t have too much time to keep clearing out your inventory.