MIR4 Beginner’s Guide: What is the Best Class for PVE & PVP?


If you want to know which is the best class in MIR4, you came to the right place.

MIR4 is a fantasy action MMORPG that allows you to earn while playing.

Before embarking on their journey, players create a character and choose a class for their character.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each class. This will help you decide which MIR4 character class you should get when starting out.

What are the available classes in MIR4?

There are four (4) different job classes that you can choose from in MIR4:

  1. Warrior
  2. Sorcerer
  3. Lancer
  4. Taoist

Like most MMORPG games, each class has a unique role and a different set of skills.

Let’s discuss the traits and abilities of each one.

Warrior — Defensive Tank class

The Warrior class is the beefy tank class in the game. Like most tank characters, they have high defensive stats and abilities such as a taunt skill.

Being the class with the best survivability and health points, they also have the lowest average damage among other classes.

However they can still dish out a decent amount of offense, thanks to their debuff and CC (crowd-control) skills.

This makes the Warrior a great class for AFK farming, since you don’t have to worry about dying from taking too much damage.

We recommend going for a Warrior class for most beginners in MIR4.

Sorcerer — Magic DPS class

The Sorcerer in MIR4 is the “glass cannon” class in MIR4. They are similar to Mage/Wizard type classes in most RPG games.

Sorcerers dish out the highest amount of ranged and spell damage, including AoE spells that let them easily take down a mob of enemies.

In addition, they also have a few CC abilities up their sleeve.

Their offensive capability comes at the cost of survivability—Sorcerers cannot take a lot of damage, and will definitely have a hard time when left alone.

Sorcerers must keep a good range away from enemies and make use of their magic spells to survive on the battlefield—the best defense is a good offense!

Lancer — Melee DPS class

Lancers are unique—they are melee classes but they can deal damage from a decent distance thanks to their long spear weapons.

This class deals a mix of physical and spell damage and has lots of mobility.

Unlike Warriors, Lancers are not very durable characters.

However, they make up for this with their incredible CC skills and debuffs, such as a temporary damage immunity skill, or a self-heal ability later in the game.

In terms of dealing raw damage, Lancers are pretty close with the Sorcerer class.

Lancers are also great for AFK farming and are probably one of the best classes for solo grinding.

Taoist — Support & Healer class

It’s not a MMORPG game without a support and healer class, and that’s the role of Taoists.

Taoists make for a perfect class to join a group, thanks to their supportive and healing capabilities. However, their role doesn’t simply end there.

Aside from the support role, Taoists in MIR4 are also capable of powerful melee combat and CC.

Taoists are very similar to Lancers in terms of mobility, and they also deal both physical and spell damage.

What is the Best PvP Class in MIR4?

Each class in MIR4 has their own unique playstyle in PvP (player vs. player).

However, the Lancer is definitely the best class for battling against other players in PvP.

Thanks to their range, mobility, and set of abilities, Lancers are very efficient at taking down your opponents. In fact, most players even consider them OP.

Lancers also play a crucial role in raids—make sure to have one in your team!

What is the Best PvE Class in MIR4?

If you want to focus on grinding, the Warrior and the Sorcerer are the best classes for PvE.

Warriors are great for AFK farming due to their beefy durability—you won’t have to worry about dying from mobs. Although Warriors can dish out AoE or single target damage, they don’t deal as much damage as other classes.

Sorcerers on the other hand are very squishy, but when used actively and correctly, they are capable of deadly offensive spell damage, making them efficient farming machines from the backline.

Which class should you choose?


All job classes in MIR4 are pretty well-balanced—each just has their own unique pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages.

At the end of the day, you must pick the one that suits your play style and, most importantly, the role that you enjoy playing the most.

Once you’ve chosen and are ready to start playing and mining some Darksteel, head on over to our guide on how to play-to-earn with MIR4 here!