Axie Infinity Server Status (Updated)


Axie Infinity has seen a surge in new players recently. As a game that’s still in its Alpha stages, Axie Infinity servers may sometimes experience overload or even downtimes.

The devs may also perform server maintenances to add improvements to the game or upgrade its servers to be able to handle a playerbase that’s growing every day.

During these downtimes and server maintenances, players may have difficulties in logging in, doing battles, or browsing the Axie marketplace.

Use this page to check the current status of the game’s servers and the Axie Marketplace. The data below is update in real-time and refreshes every 30 seconds.

Here is the current status of the Axie Infinity game servers:

  • Is the game under maintenance? {{ maintenanceStatus }}
  • Battles: {{ statusToText(status_battles) }}

Here is the current server status of the Axie Infinity marketplace:

  • Marketplace Server: {{ statusToText(status_cloudflare) }}
  • Marketplace Database: {{ statusToText(status_graphql) }}

How to check Axie Infinity Server Status

You can also check these pages and social media accounts to get the latest updates from the community or from Sky Mavis devs themselves:

Axie Infinity Server Issues

While we are all itching to farm as much Smooth Love Potions as we can every day, please understand that Axie Infinity is still a relatively new game.

The game developers at Sky Mavis are doing their best to keep improving their server’s capacity to be able to handle the spike of new players.

Recently, they have shifted their engineering team to fixing the server issues. They have also added additional people to work on scaling up their servers and even hired community members to lead their support system.

After all, the game is still in Alpha. Let’s keep showing our support and appreciation to the devs who are working hard day and night to keep the servers up and running!

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