Alice Best Item Build: Hero Guide, Tips & Tricks [2020]


Burst damage Mage or teamfight initiator Mage? Why not both?!

Alice can do exactly both, thanks to her spammable magic spells and AoE lifesteal ultimate.

This hero guide will teach you how to use Alice in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang—which items you should build for her and which emblem sets and Battle Spells to pick.

Hero Overview – Alice

Alice, the Queen of the Apocalypse, is a Mage hero in Mobile Legends. Unlike most Mages though who prefer to cast spells from a distance, she’s the type who can jump right into battle and initiate a teamfight.

She has a spammable long-range skill that’s great when paired with item effects such as Glowing Wand. She has a decent CC stun as well, and an AoE lifesteal ultimate skill that sucks the life out of enemies—the more enemies in the area, the more HP she regains.


  • Versatility — she can be a burst damage mage or an initiator Tank
  • Skills have very low cooldown
  • Great mobility and escape
  • Has a decent AoE stun


  • Can be difficult to master
  • A little item dependent
  • Can’t rely on her to be the main damage dealer

Alice Item Builds

Tanker Mage Build

Clock Of Destiny demon-shoes-item-mobile-legends-2Demon Shoes Concentrated Energy oracle-item-mobile-legendsOracle ice-queen-wand-item-mobile-legendsIce Queen Wand blood-wings-item-mobile-legends-1-2Blood Wings

The first item build makes Alice a durable tank that can jump into the enemy team and initiate a teamfight. It builds around her ultimate skill that has huge AoE lifesteal and magic damage. This is a great overall item build for Alice for almost any situation.

The Clock of Destiny is a great starter item as it gives her max HP and magic power over a period of 5 minutes. Next, grab Demon Shoes so you don’t run out of mana in the early to mid game.

Your first core item is Concentrated Energy that not only gives you more base HP and magic power, but also further increases your magic lifesteal capability. This item gives +25% Magic Lifesteal as well as a unique passive that recovers 10% of your HP whenever you kill an enemy hero.

Another item that enhances your tanking power is Oracle which increases shield absorption and HP regen effects by 25%, in addition to added HP, magic defense and CD reduction.

Get Ice Queen Wand in the late game for more magic lifesteal and magic power, as well as for the slow effect. Then lastly, fill your last item slot with Blood Wings which is perfect for the late game as it gives added HP based on your current magic power.

Burning & Piercing Magic Build

Holy Crystal enchanted-talisman-item-mobile-legendsEnchanted Talisman Arcane Boots Glowing Wand Divine Glaive blood-wings-item-mobile-legends-1-2Blood Wings

The second build focuses on penetrating Tanks and heroes with huge amounts of magic defense. You’ll want lots of Magic PEN and CD reduction or this build.

Holy Crystal gives you a lot of base magic power from the get-go, and its passive effect scales with your level.

Next, Enchanted Talisman will reduce your skill’s CD reduction and gives you a mana regen passive that recovers Mana every 10 seconds. This way you can keep spamming your skills without worrying about running out of Mana.

Since you already have decent mana regen with the Tailsman, get Arcane Boots instead of Demon Shoes for the Magic Penetration. Alternatively, you can go for Magic Shoes for the bonus CD reduction.

A core item of this build is the Glowing WandThis item allows your skills to cast the burning effect on enemies which deals damage equal to 1%/2%/3% of their max HP over 3 seconds.

This means you won’t have a hard time dealing with beefy with huge amounts of HP and defense. Thanks to your low cooldown reduction, spamming your Flowing Blood (1st skill) with the burn effect will make your enemies cry as you tear down their health points from a distance.

In the late game, get a Divine Glaive to make sure your magic spells pierce down through your enemy’s defenses. Lastly, get Blood Wings for the bonus HP that scales with your current magic power—perfect for a late game item.

Teamfight Initiator Build

Clock Of Destiny demon-shoes-item-mobile-legends-2Demon Shoes lightning-truncheon-item-mobile-legendsLightning Truncheon Winter Truncheon ice-queen-wand-item-mobile-legendsIce Queen Wand Genius Wand

Here’s a cool build that uses a unique item that will annoy your enemies—Winter Truncheon. Use this build if you’re going for a pure teamfight initiator build.

Again, get Clock of Destiny as your early game item to rack up those bonus HP and magic power as soon as possible. For your boots, get Demon Shoes for mana sustainability.

Lightning Truncheon is a great item that lets you deal additional magic damage to multiple enemies every few seconds.

The centerpiece of this build, Winter Truncheon, allows you to confidently jump right in front of the whole enemy team without fear. This item has an Active skill called “Frozen” which freezes you for a few seconds but makes you invulnerable to all damage and debuffs. Pair this with an Orb + Blink + Ultimate combo and watch the enemy team panic as they have no idea how to stop you.

For your late game items, grab Ice Queen Wand for even more crowd-control abilities. This item lets your skills slow the enemies by 15% and stacks up to two (2) times.

Lastly, grab a Genius Wand which reduces your enemies’ magic defense when you deal damage to them. This stacks up to 3 times, and again it’s perfect for your spammable 1st skill.

How to Use Alice (Tips & Tricks)

Here are some tips & tricks on how to use Alice effectively.

Collect Blood Orbs Early

Alice’s passive ability Blood Ancestry lets her permanently gain 10 max HP each time a nearby minion dies by collecting “Blood Orbs.” At 12, 25 and 50 Blood Orbs, she will get a bonus of 10% CD Reduction / 10% Magic Lifesteal / 40 Movement Speed.

You can already see how important it is to collect those orbs as fast as possible. Avoid roaming around too much in the early game and focus on maximizing your passive.

Dominate the Lane with 1st Skill

Your first ability is a very spammable skill great for farming and poking your enemy. Alice can easily dominate the lane thanks to this skill.

Try to time your 1st skill to both last-hit a creep and harass the enemy at the same time. That way you’ll save a lot of mana.

Use 1st Skill for Positioning, Chasing, Escaping

After shooting your Orb (1st skill), you can cast it again and you will teleport on the orb’s current location. You can use this to “surprise attack” your targets if they are low on HP, especially in laning phase.

Use it to chase off running enemy heroes, or to escape from dire situations.

This ability requires a lot of skill to master, and with lots of practice it has the potential for jukes, mind games and high-level plays!

Spam your Ultimate Skill

Once you get your ultimate skill, Blood Ode, spam it like crazy. It should be on cooldown as much as possible, besides, its CD time is not too long compared to other heroes.

Don’t be afraid to use it for instantly clearing a creep wave, especially in the early game where you need to rack up creep kills for your Blood Orbs.

You can also use it for quick early game kills. Your ulti’s lifesteal can also let you execute tower dives more confidently.

Initiate Teamfights with your Combo

Alice is a perfect teamfight initiator. Since her ultimate skill steals HP from multiple targets, the more enemy heroes in a teamfight, the better.

If you know a teamfight is about to break, keep spamming your 1st skill first to harass them so that the battle starts with their HPs already low or damaged.

Then, signal your team by spamming “Launch Attack!” and execute your combo like this: 1st skill orb + blink + ulti and 2nd skill + Purify spell. If you’re using the Winter Truncheon build, use the Frozen active skill as well to increase your chances of surviving.

After executing your combo, your jobs is to stay on the sidelines and keep spamming 1st skill again to finish off enemies or chase them.

Best Battle Spells for Alice


For Alice’s Battle Spells, you can’t go wrong with Petrify or Purify.

Most of the time, you’ll want to get Purify which gives you spell immunity and removes all debuffs when casted.

This will help you prevent getting stun-locked to death when you try to jump into the enemy team to perform your combo. Use this if you will be facing an enemy team with lots of stuns and disables.

Alternatively, Petrify gives you an additional AoE CC that stuns enemies for a short period. This is great paired with your blink spell and AoE ultimate.

Recommended Emblems for Alice


Needless to say, you’ll want to get the Mage emblem set for Alice.

Get the CD reduction and Magic PEN talents, as well as the Mystery Shop tier 3 talent which lets you purchase items for 90% of their cost.

This allows you to get your items a bit faster and go online earlier, as Alice is highly item dependent.

Alice’s Skills & Abilities

When a nearby minion dies, a blood orb will generate. Absorbing blood orb will permanently increase maximum HP by 10 pts for Alice.

Cooldown: 6s / Mana Cost: 90

Shoots a blob of blood in a specified direction, dealing 350(+180% Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to the enemy. Afterwards the hero can use this skill again to instantly teleport to wherever the blood blob is.

Blood Awe

Cooldown: 7s / Mana Cost: 90

Deals 270(+90% Total Magic Power) magical damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for 1.2. The enemies are slowed for 2s after that.

Cooldown: 30s / Mana Cost: 135

For the next 5 seconds after using the skill, the blood princess will be in blood-drinking mode, dealing 160(+70% Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and restoring 80(+30% Total Magic Power) pts of HP for herself at the same time.


Hopefully this guide has helped you on how to use Alice effectively in Mobile Legends and which items to build on her.

Which item build do you think is the best for Alice? Comment down below!