Guinevere Best Build: Hero Guide, Tips & Tricks [2020]


Guinevere is a very powerful, almost imbalanced hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

As a Mage and Fighter hero, she can deal massive amounts of magic damage and stun and disable them for a few seconds, all while being immune to stuns and disables!

This hero guide for Guinevere will teach you which items to build and how to use her skills effectively.


Guinevere is a powerful Fighter/Mage hero. Unlike most Mages in Mobile Legends that cast spells from a distance, she is the type who fights her enemies face-to-face.

Her spells allow her to initiate team fights, pick off and disable an enemy hero or two, then escape swiftly out of combat.


  • Great mobility, great for chasing and escape
  • Can farm very fast
  • Has CC immunity (while up in the air)
  • Has incredible snowball potential


  • Requires some practice for aiming and timing her skills
  • Very skill-reliant

Now let’s learn how to build Guinevere’s items so you can dominate the game and carry your team to victory.

Guinevere Item Build

Here are our recommended item builds for Guinevere in Mobile Legends. Feel free to tweak these builds a bit to suit your play style, your opposing enemy team, or the current meta.

Pure Magic Damage Build

Calamity Reaper Arcane Boots Concentrated Energy Holy Crystal fleeting-time-item-mobile-legends-2Fleeting Time Divine Glaive

This first build focuses on building magic damage increasing items to complement Guinevere’s melee magic attacks.

The core item for this build is Calamity Reaper, which gives an extra true damage buff each time you cast a skill. This is perfect for Guinevere’s spammable short-cooldown skills. In addition, the cooldown reduction and +70 magic power helps a lot to dominate the early-to-mid game.

Arcane Boots is great on Guin for the Magic Penetration. Concentrated Energy not only further increases her magic damage, it also gives you added survivability thanks to the magic lifesteal and the unique passive that gives you 10% of your total HP after killing an enemy hero.

In the late game, Holy Crystal and Divine Glaive will maximize your magic damage potential.

To complete your build, you can take Fleeting Time to reduce your ultimate’s cooldown, or Immortality for added survivability.

Magic Melee Build

swift-boots-item-mobile-legends-9Swift Boots Concentrated Energy Calamity Reaper Holy Crystal Feather Of Heaven blood-wings-item-mobile-legends-2Blood Wings

Tips & Tricks

Guinevere is a very deadly hero when used properly. With enough practice, you’ll make your opponents fear your presence on the map.


Here are some tips and tricks to dominate your games with Guinevere.

Spam Energy Wave for poking and CD reduction

Use her Skill 1, Energy Wave, as your poking skill. Keep spamming it as it also reduces the cooldown of your skills by 1 second.

This is the reason why Guinevere has good mobility and is able to keep jumping into teamfights.

Kill squishy heroes first

Guinevere is perfect for catching squishy heroes off-guard. Target key enemy heroes such as Layla, Gord, or Pharsa.

Once you jump towards them with your 2nd skill, they are pretty much dead.

Use Magic Thump for Mobility and CC

Her Skill 2, Magic Thump, will require a lot of practice at first. Once you land on enemies, use the skill again to knock them up airborne. Then, use the skill again to dash away and leave a clone.

Skill 2 skill has a long cooldown, so make sure to keep spamming your Skill 1 to help reduce its CD time.

Ulti Skill to Burst Damage and Initiate Teamfights

Your ultimate is your main source of burst damage, and it’s also your initiating skill. It can start a teamfight and allows your team to jump in to battle.

The best thing about your ultimate skill is you will be immune to Crowd Control (CC) skills like stuns and disables while you’re spinning in the air. This is what makes her a good teamfight initiator.

You can also use this to bait enemies into wasting their important CC skills.

Knock Enemies Up with Ultimate + 2nd Skill

Use your 2nd skill after casting your ulti to knock up your enemies 6 more times.

Other knock-up spells from your allies will help as well. For example: Minotaur, Saber, Kadita, etc.

Best Battle Spells for Guinevere


For Guinevere’s spells, there’s a few to choose from which mostly depends on your play style.

Retribution allows you to jungle and farm your core items as soon as possible.

Purify gives you even more survivability. Choose this spell if you’re facing an enemy team with lots of CC skills. You cannot rely on your ultimate skill’s CC immunity all of the time.

Lastly, you can also opt for Execute if you’re aiming to go full Assassin mode.

Recommended Emblems for Guinevere


For Guinevere’s emblem, the Mage Emblem with the Mystery Shop Talent is a no-brainer.

You’ll want to obtain your core items as fast as possible.

Guinevere’s Skills

Super Magic (Passive)

When Guinevere deals 25% extra damage to knocked up enemies. Damaging enemies charge her Super Magic, when the it is full her next basic attack will be enhanced. She performs a chase to an enemy, dealing (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+120%Total Magic Power) points Magic Damage and recover 10% of her lost HP.

Energy Wave

Cooldown: 5.5 / 5.3 / 5.1 / 4.9 / 4.7 / 4.5

Guinevere sends an energy orb to the designated direction, dealing 300 / 345 / 390 / 435 / 480 / 525 (+130%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them down by 70%. Also reducing the cooldown of her other skills by 1 second.

Magic Thump

Cooldown: 17.0 / 16.4 / 15.8 / 15.2 / 14.6 / 14.0

Guinevere jumps to the designated place. If she hits enemies, she will knock them up for 1 second and deal 250 (+80%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to them. Shortly after using this skill, she obtains new skill Spatial Migration.

Spatial Migration

Cooldown: 0

Guinevere blinks to designated direction, leaving a temporary magical Image. When the Image takes damage, it will deal Magic Damage to the attackers and restore some of Guinevere’s Super Magic.

Violet Requiem

Cooldown: 45.0 / 40.0 / 35.0

Guinevere releases her super magic, dealing 500 / 700 / 900 (+500%Total Magic Power) points Magic Damage to nearby enemies within 2 seconds. If the enemies are knocked up when Guinevere cast this skill, they will be knocked 6 more times.


Hopefully this guide helped you on how to build items for Guinevere and how to use her effectively.

Which item builds do you use on Guinevere? Got any tips and tricks on how to use Guinevere in Mobile Legends and push her to her maximum potential?

Share your thoughts and ideas below!