How to Win as Impostor in Among Us

The Impostor is one of the two possible roles in the game Among Us.

Once the game starts, all players will be assigned a role by random—you can be either a Crewmate or an Impostor.

The Impostor is arguably the most fun role to play in Among Us but is also the more challenging one to play. (Related: Best Settings for Among Us (Most Balanced & Fun))

A lot of players, especially beginners to the game, wonder—what is the goal of the Impostor and how do they win in Among Us?

Here’s a quick guide!

How do Impostors win in Among Us?

In summary, there are two ways to win as an Impostor in Among Us:

  1. Kill or kick out Crewmates until there’s an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates left
  2. Sabotage O2 or Reactor Meltdown and let the timer run out


The main goal of an Impostor is to prevent the Crewmates from completing their tasks and remove them from the ship one by one, either by killing them or by voting them out.

Once there’s an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates left in the ship, then the Impostor(s) will win the match!

Depending on the game’s settings, there can be 1 to 3 Impostors in the match. (Check out this guide on how to customize the game’s settings!)

For example, in a game with only one Impostor, the Impostor will need to survive long enough until there’s only one Crewmate left.

This means that if there are three players left, the game ends once the Impostor kills any of the two other Crewmates!

How to Instantly Win as an Impostor in Among Us

Impostors have the ability to Sabotage rooms, breaking crucial parts of the ship.

For example, Impostors can sabotage the Electrical room which turns off the lights of the ship, resulting in limited vision for all Crewmates. Impostors can also close doors to trap Crewmates and block their pathways.

However, two notable rooms that you should sabotage as an Impostor are the O2 and Reactor.

Why? Because if Crewmates cannot fix the sabotaged Oxygen or the Reactor Meltdown on time, the game will instantly end and the Impostors will win!

How can Impostors lose in Among Us?

Once the crew correctly guesses and votes out all Impostors in the game, then the match is over and the Crewmates win.

If there are more than one Impostors in the game, the Impostors who are dead/kicked out can still linger around the ship as a ghost and still have the ability to Sabotage.

Another way the Crewmates can win is if they complete all of their tasks.


We hope this guide has helped you understand on how Impostors can win in the game Among Us.

Make sure you know your win conditions, regardless if you are assigned as the Impostor or the Crewmate role.

We also suggest you to check out our guide on the best game settings to use to have the most challenging and fun gameplay for Among Us.

Good luck and see you on board the ship!