How to Close Doors in Among Us (and Why You Should!)

As an Impostor in Among Us, there are many ways to sabotage the entire crew.

One Sabotage ability that’s not very popular is closing doors to trap crewmates in a room and block their pathways.

This strategy lets you safely kill crewmates as their movement will be limited, making it less likely for them to catch you with a dead body.

Here’s a quick guide on how to close doors as an Impostor.

How to Close Doors in Among Us

Only Impostors can close the doors of certain rooms. This can be accessed through the Sabotage menu.

If the game has more than one Impostors, dead impostors can still use Sabotage abilities and close doors.

Step 2. Select which room you want to close

You can only close doors of rooms that have an “X” icon on the Sabotage minimap.

Step 3. Click the “X” icon of the room to close the doors

This will shut the doors of that specific room for ten seconds.

Doing so will put the “X” icon on cooldown, and you may only close the doors to that door again once the cooldown ends.

How to Open Doors in Among Us

Players cannot open closed doors in The Skeld and Mira HQ. You simply have to wait for a few seconds and hope you’re not trapped in the room with an Impostor.

But in Polus, both Crewmates and Impostors can open doors. Here’s how:

1. Go near the closed door

In Polus, you may open closed doors from inside or outside of the room, it doesn’t matter.

2. Tap on “Use”

3. Turn off all the red switches

Tap on the bright red switches to turn them off. Once all switches are turned to the left, the door will open.

Closed Door Timers and Sabotage Cooldowns

When you close a door in Among Us, the door will be shut tight for 10 seconds before it opens again.

In The Skeld and Mira HQ, closing a door will put all non-door sabotages on cooldown, such as shutting down O2 or turning off lights. Conversely, using non-door sabotages such as O2 will also disable door sabotages. In other words, you cannot close multiple doors AND execute sabotages at the time.

In Polus however, you can close multiple doors and execute sabotages at the same time.


Closing doors, trapping crewmates in a room and blocking their pathways are some of the most fun and underrated strategies in Among Us.

We hope this guide has helped you improve your strategies as an Impostor. Share your tips and questions down below!