[Guide] What to do with Books in Genshin Impact

What to do with books in Genshin Impact

Wondering what books are used for in Genshin Impact? You’re in the right place! Here’s a hint: free Primogems!

If you loot every single shiny object in Genshin Impact (and you should!) you probably have already collected a lot of books in your inventory.

We’re not talking about the book-type weapons called Catalysts which are usually equipped by mages and support-type characters.

We’re also not talking about Talent Books, which are obtained from Domains and are used to level up your characters’ talents.

Instead, we’re referring to actual books that you usually collect from libraries, or receive from NPCs and quest rewards.


What are Books for in Genshin Impact?

Books are collectible items that feature stories that you can read to learn more about the lore of Teyvat. Once you collect a whole series of books, you also get achievements that give rewards such as Primogems.

Here’s an example.

Book series achievements and Primogem rewards Genshin Impact

In this screenshot, I have yet to complete the “A Drunkard’s Tale” series of books.

You can read books or view the list of all the books you currently have in your Archive.

List of books in Archive Genshin Impact

As we can see from the list, I only have Volumes 2, 3 and 4 of A Drunkard’s Tale series.

Oh look, here’s A Drunkard’s Tale Vol. 1 inside the Winery!

A Drunkards Tale Volume 1 book in Winery Genshin Impact

This will complete “The Drunkard and the Wolf” achievement, which gives 5 Primogems as reward. Nice!

Other than reading the game’s lore and receiving Primogems for completing a book series, there really isn’t much use for them.

Don’t worry, they won’t use up any space in your inventory.

So, how do we collect more books or obtain specific ones required to complete a series?


How to Obtain Books in Genshin Impact

Books can be found everywhere across Teyvat. You can obtain lots of books inside Knights of Favonius Headquarters and from the Winery in Dawn Winery. Some books can be obtained from NPC dialogues or quest rewards.

You can also buy certain books from Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue town.

Buy books from bookstore NPC in Liyue Genshin Impact

If you’re looking for specific books to complete a series, check out Book location guides such as this one.



Whether you’re into world-building and learning more about the hidden lore of Genshin Impact, or you just want some of those Primogems for free wishes, you should definitely pick up every single Book you find in the game!