9 Tips to Level Up Adventure Rank Fast (EXP Farming Guide)


This Genshin Impact guide will teach you nine tips on how to gain Adventure EXP and level up your Adventure Rank (AR) fast.

Your Adventure Rank (AR) is your account-wide level that determines how far you’ve progressed in the game.

Almost all the content and resources in the game depend on your Adventure Rank level—the higher your AR, the more quests you unlock and the more rewards you get from monsters, dungeons and bosses.

Luckily, there are lots of methods and tips & tricks on how to farm Adventure EXP efficiently.

Clear Daily Commission Quests

Daily Commission quests give you the highest amount of Adventurer EXP with the least amount of time and effort, so this should be your top priority once you login.

These daily quests are unlocked at Adventurer Rank 12, and you’ll get four (4) quests each day that give 250 AR EXP each!

In addition, once you finish all four quests, you also get an additional 500 EXP which you can claim from Katheryne, the Adventurer’s Guild NPC.

Complete Archon, Story & World Quests

Aside from daily commissions, there are three other types of quests in Genshin Impact:

  • Archon Quests
  • Story Quests
  • World Quests

Archon Quests follow the storyline of your main character (a.k.a. Traveler) and give you the most amount of Adventurer EXP. However, they can only be done once and are usually locked by certain Adventure Rank Levels.

Story Quests are like “side quests” that follow the story of playable characters in the game. Similar to Archon Quests, they are unlocked upon reaching certain AR levels. Other Story Quests also need to be unlocked with keys which you can earn by clearing 8 Daily Commissions.

Finally, World Quests are also side quests that are triggered by random NPCs around the map. Whenever you see blue exclamation marks on NPCs or on the minimap, make sure to talk to them and clear the quests for that sweet, sweet EXP points. Some are quick errand tasks such as clearing a Hilichurl camp, while others may take longer but give more rewards.

Overall, quests are a great source of Adventure EXP and should be also be on your top priority.

Spend Resin on Domains

Spending Original Resin in Genshin Impact is another great way to farm Adventure EXP. If you didn’t know, Resin is the “energy” resource that time-gates in-game content, so that players don’t progress through the whole game in just a few days!

Regardless where you spend your Resin on—whether it’s on Domain dungeons, Bosses, or Ley Lines—you will always get 100 Adventurer EXP per 20 Resin spent.

Abyssal Domains are “instance dungeons” where you need to defeat monsters in a certain amount of time.

There are three types of Domains which give you either Artifacts, Weapon Ascension materials, or Talent materials as rewards.

Collecting Domain rewards will consume 20 Resin and gives you 100 Adventure EXP.

Hunt Boss Enemies & Weekly Bosses

Hunting bosses are not only a great way to rank up fast, but also to farm much needed Ascension materials and Artifacts for your characters.

Defeating Boss Enemies such as the Hypostasis cubes will give you 200 Adventure EXP for 40 Resin. You can repeatedly hunt these bosses for as long as you have the Resin.

There are also 3 more powerful bosses that you can hunt once a week. They give 300 Adventure EXP for 60 Resin.

Use your Adventure Handbook to navigate to the boss’s locations.

  • Lupus Boreas (Bosses – Boss Enemies)
  • D’valin (Trounce Domain – Confront Stormterror)
  • Childe/Tartaglia (Trounce Domain – Enter the Golden House)

Clear Ley Line Outcrops

Ley Line Outcrops are also challenges in a random location in the map where you must defeat a small group of mobs.

For 20 Resin, Ley Lines reward you with 100 Adventure EXP, and either Hero’s Wit or Mora, depending on the type of Ley Line Outcrop.

Unlock Teleport Waypoints and Statues of the Seven

If you don’t have remaining Quests and you’ve used up all your Resin, you can start exploring the map and unlock Teleport waypoints and Statues of the Seven.

When unlocking a waypoint or statue for the first time, you’ll get 50 Adventurer EXP and 5 Primogems.

It may be time-consuming at first, but it will definitely help in the long run as you need to quickly teleport to specific locations in the world.

Collect Anemoculus and Geoculus

Anemoculus and Geoculus can be offered to Statues of the Seven to increase their level, giving you lots of Adventure EXP points and increasing your max Stamina.

It might be difficult and time-consuming to find all the Oculi across the map, so we have two tips to make it much easier to collect them.

First, use this Genshin Impact Interactive Map which shows you the locations of all the Oculi in the game.

You can click on the pins to read comments from actual players for tips on how to locate Oculi that are hard to find.

Make sure to mark those that you’ve already found either on the interactive map or on your in-game map so you know which ones are already collected or not.

Secondly, you can craft a gadget called the Anemoculus/Geoculus Resonance Stone. These are consumable items that will tell you the exact location of one random Anemoculus (in Mondstadt) or Geoculus (in Liyue).

The recipe for these gadgets can be obtained by reaching Reputation Level 2 on Mondstadt (for Anemoculus) or Liyue (for Geoculus).

They are a bit costly to craft though especially for a one-time use consumable item, so we still recommend using the interactive map first and just use these resonance stones as a last resort.

Hunt for Treasure Chests

Opening Treasure Chests will give you 10 to 30 Adventure EXP depending on its rarity.

There are hundreds of chests scattered around the map and you should be able to stumble upon them while exploring the map.

Here’s a tip to treasure chest hunting: similar to the Anemoculus and Geoculus Resonance Stone, you can also craft Treasure Chest Compasses, which is exactly that—a compass that tells you the location of nearby chests!

They are a bit harder to obtain though—you must reach Reputation Level 7 on either city to get the crafting recipe.

However, once you do craft a compass and equip it, they are not one-time consumable gadgets and you can repeatedly use it. The only catch is it has a cooldown of 5 seconds if there are no nearby chests, and 30 seconds if there is.

Finish Adventurer Handbook Tasks

Finally, here’s a great source of Adventure Rank EXP just by doing things that you’re probably going to want to do anyway!

The “Experience” tab in your Adventurer Handbook has a list of tasks that will give you 100 Adventure EXP when cleared.

Some examples of these tasks include opening N chests, cooking N dishes, or enhancing artifacts to a certain level.

Clearing all the tasks in the current Chapter gives you more rewards such as Mora and Primogems. Then it unlocks the next chapter for another set of tasks.


There are lots of different ways to gain Adventure EXP in Genshin Impact and you’ll definitely level up your AR as you explore and progress through the game.

However, if you want to get to higher AR levels as quickly as possible, then we definitely recommend you to prioritize those that give higher EXP but take the least amount of time and effort to do, such as Daily Commissions.

Using the tips and strategies in this guide, you should definitely reach higher Adventure Rank and World Levels in no time!