Grock November 2019 Starlight Skin Mobile Legends


The latest Starlight Skin for the month of November 2019 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is Grock Iceland Golem.

November 2019 Starlight Skin: Grock Iceland Golem

Grock is a tank hero in Mobile Legends that can summon stone walls to block enemies.

The new Starlight skin for Grock turns him into the Ice-Land Titan with the Power of Ice. Here’s how it looks like:

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This new Starlight Skin has some cool (no pun intended) effects that turn his skills into frost and ice.

His 1st skill, Guardian’s Barrier, summons an ice wall instead of stone.

Check out this video for a preview on the new skin for Grock which can be obtained from the November 2019 Starlight Membership.

Starlight Rewards for November 2019

In addition, you can receive the following rewards in the November 2019 Starlight Membership.

  • Lv 0 — Grock Skin
  • Lv 1 — Miya’s New Painted Skin of Burning Bow
  • Lv 23 — Random Skin Chest
  • Lv 30 — Starlight Gem
  • Lv 45 — Weapon Care Battle Emote
  • Lv 60 — Megalith Bastion (Grock Sacred Statue)

How to Obtain November 2019 Starlight Skin

If you like the new Grock Iceland Golem skin, you can obtain it by purchasing the Starlight Membership during the month of November 2019.

Starlight Membership is the premium subscription system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

If you are a Starlight Member, you will this skin and receive TONS of benefits, rewards. Check out our full guide to the Starlight Membership here, where we list down all rewards you can get.

Here are some examples of privileges you get if you are a Starlight Member:

  • A set of free heroes every week
  • A set of free skins every week
  • Recall/Spawn Effects
  • 10% more EXP each match
  • 5% more BP for each match


What do you think about the new Grock Starlight Skin for November 2019? Would you buy a membership for this month to obtain it?

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