How to Sell Characters in CryptoBlades (Step-by-Step Guide)


CryptoBlades is a new NFT role-playing game that runs on the blockchain.

In the game, players can recruit characters, battle them to gain EXP and level up.

Characters in CryptoBlades are NFTs which can be traded and sold on the marketplace.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do it!

How to Sell Characters to the Market in CryptoBlades

Here are the steps on how to sell your CryptoBlades characters to the marketplace:

  1. Go to the Market tab
  2. Click “List NFTs” button
  3. Click “Show Characters” button
  4. Select the character you want to sell
  5. Click “List Character”
  6. Input your character’s selling price in SKILL

After a few moments, the character will disappear from your Plaza.

Note that whatever SKILL price you put on the input box, the game will add a 10% fee to it.

This means that if you input 1 SKILL on your character’s selling price, other players will pay 1.1 SKILL to buy it on the market.

Lastly, as with most activities in CryptoBlades, you will need a small of BNB gas fees when placing characters or weapons for sale on the market.

So make sure to leave a few amount of BNB tokens on your wallet if you want to trade!

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How much SKILL should I price my characters?

NFTs on CryptoBlades such as characters and weapons are traded freely on the market.

Players are free to enter any amount of SKILL price for their characters when selling them on the marketplace.

There are no hard and fast rules or formulas to determine how much a character should cost. In fact, these prices may fluctuate a lot due to a lot of factors.

However, you can check the current market value of characters based on their level and stats to have an idea how much you should price your characters when selling them.

Here are the steps on how to check the current market value of CryptoBlades characters:

  1. Go to the Market tab
  2. Click on “Browse NFTs”
  3. Click on “Browse Characters”

Here, you will see a list of all characters that are put on sale by other players.

This should give you an idea on how much SKILL tokens characters are being sold for on the market based on their level and stats. You can also use the filter and sorting functionalities to check the character prices with a specific level or element.

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How to sell your CryptoBlades characters faster

When you put your character for sale on the market, other players will be able to see it when browsing for NFTs.

If you’re lucky, some random player may see it and buy it instantly. However, this may not be the case all the time.

Because of this, in addition to putting their characters up on the market, most players also “promote” them on online communities such as on Discord or Reddit.

Here are some places on where you can sell your CryptoBlades characters (or weapons):

To promote the characters you are selling, just take a screenshot of your character/weapons and post it on the boards/chat. Make sure to copy-paste the NFT ID of the character too.

If other players see your ad and are interested in buying, they can simply copy the NFT ID of the character and search it on the CryptoBlades Market using the “Search NFTs” function.

How to check if your character is successfully listed for sale on the Market

To check if your character is actually put on sale in the Market, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Market tab
  2. Click “Search NFTs”
  3. Click “Show My Characters”

This will show you the list of your own characters that you have listed for sale on the Market.

Other players should be able to see this and purchase it if they are interested.

How do I know if my character is already sold?

At the moment, there are no real-time notifications that tell you that your character/s were already bought by a player.

You simply have to maually check if your SKILL balance has increased and your character has already disappeared from the listing.