How Much It Costs to Start Playing CryptoBlades


(Disclaimer: Our articles and guides in are not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before putting money on the game and only invest what you can afford to lose.)

One play-to-earn NFT game that’s gaining popularity recently is CrpytoBlades.

CryptoBlades is a RPG fighting game where players buy a team of characters and some weapons, battle them with enemy monsters and earn SKILL tokens.

As with other play-to-earn blockchain games, players need to first spend some amount of investment before they can start playing to earn.

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In this guide, we’ll give you an idea on how much you need to spend if you want to start playing CryptoBlades.

How much do I need to spend to start playing CryptoBlades?

At the time of writing, the minimum amount you need to spend to start playing CryptoBlades is 15 to 20 USD.

To start playing CryptoBlades, you will need to recruit at least one character, which currently costs 0.4783 SKILL or about $19.

SKILL is the native token of CryptoBlades and is used to purchase NFTs such as characters and weapons in the game.

Note however that this starting amount will keep changing due to a lot of factors, which is discussed in detail below.

You can check the current starting cost anytime by going to the homepage of the CryptoBlades website.

Minting your first character will also give you a free random weapon.

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Aside from the SKILL costs of recruiting your first character, you will also be incurring gas fees (i.e. transaction fees) using BNB tokens.

This is because CryptoBlades transactions mainly run on the blockchain, specifically the Binance Smart Chain network.

Although these gas fees are very minimal (usually just a fraction of a dollar), just keep in mind that almost every activity or transaction in CryptoBlades will incur a small BNB gas fee, and that you need to have some amount of BNB in your MetaMask wallet to play.

At the time of writing, daily transaction fee expenses is at around $1-2 per day per character.

What affects the starting cost of playing CryptoBlades?

There are a lot of factors that affect how much you need to spend to start playing CryptoBlades.

The initial costs of starting your CryptoBlades journey will fluctuate A LOT depending on an algorithm and the market price of the SKILL token.

The cost of minting CryptoBlades characters and forging new weapons may constantly change thanks to an algorithm called the Oracle.

This algorithm also controls the SKILL rewards that players earn in combat. This is to keep the economy well-balanced and have a consistent and reasonable ROI (return on investment) for all players.

How does Oracle price affect costs in CryptoBlades?

Because of the Oracle, if the dollar value per SKILL increases, the following will happen:

  • SKILL payouts will decrease
  • SKILL cost of minting characters decrease
  • SKILL cost of minting weapons decrease
  • SKILL cost of Reforging weapons decrease

The opposite of all of the above is also true if the SKILL price in dollar decreases.

You can learn more about the Oracle algorithm and the reasoning behind its implementation on the CryptoBlades documentation.

Price of SKILL, the CryptoBlades native currency

Aside from the Oracle balancing the SKILL economy, the overall starting cost in USD will fluctuate if the price of $SKILL goes up or down.

And trust me, it will fluctuate a lot!

The price of $SKILL as with any other cryptocurrency asset depends on market sentiment and supply and demand.

You can check the value of SKILL on websites like CoinGecko:

As more new players enter the game and buy SKILL to start their CryptoBlades journey, SKILL’s price may go up.

The devs are currently working hard to introduce new features and exciting new gameplay such as Raids and PVP.

This will hopefully entice new players to the game while keeping the existing playerbase.

Should I invest more than the minimum amount required?

If you want to get your return on investment (ROI) and start earning profit faster, you can invest on more characters for your team.

In CrytpoBlades, each account can have a maximum of 4 warrior characters. Each character will have their own 200/200 Stamina bar.


This means you’ll have to invest more into your starter team, but you’ll also earn up to four times more SKILL rewards during combat.

You can even create multiple accounts with a max of 4 characters for each team for even more returns.

Aside from maxing out your team of 4 warriors, many players also invest on getting a high-leveled character.

This will cost you more in the beginning, but doing so will save you a few days worth of leveling your character.

Starting with an already leveled team of warriors will give you ROI much faster.

Should I mint characters and weapons, or buy them from the CryptoBlades Market?

To obtain more characters for your team, you can either mint them at the Plaza and get a random character with random stats, or buy them from the Marketplace.

The same goes for weapons. You can roll a random weapon at the Blacksmith and gamble for a small chance to get a rare and powerful 5-Star weapon, or you can buy weapons directly at the Marketplace.


Both methods cost SKILL tokens. However, buying characters and weapons on the Market may be a bit more expensive than minting them from the Plaza and the Blacksmith.

This is because instead of getting a random roll for your character or weapon, you get to build your desired team and choose which stats and elements you want.

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Remember that elemental alignment is crucial in CryptoBlades to increase your winrate and SKILL reward earnings.