Miya Best Item Build: Hero Guide, Tips & Tricks [2020]


Miya is a great Marksman hero in Mobile Legends that can deal lots of of raw damage. When equipped properly, she can easily bring down the whole enemy team and get a Maniac kill streak!

Wanna know how to properly build Miya, the Moonlight Archer? This guide is for you!


Miya is one of the best heroes to play if you’re a beginner of Mobile Legends.

She is very easy to use and her skills and roles in teamfights are pretty straightforward. That being said, as a Marksman with high DPS, she can be very deadly too when used correctly.

Item Builds

Attack Damage Build

haass-claws-item-mobile-legendsHaass Claws swift-boots-item-mobile-legendsSwift Boots scarlet-phantom-item-mobile-legendsScarlet Phantom berserkers-fury-item-mobile-legends-4Berserkers Fury malefic-roar-item-mobile-legends-4Malefic Roar blade-of-despair-item-mobile-legends-4Blade Of Despair

“One shot, one kill!” The first build focuses on increasing Miya’s raw physical attack.

Miya already has super fast attack speed thanks to her passive ability, Turbo, which increases her ASPD by 5% each time she does a normal attack.

To augment this high attack speed, items that give her additional attack and crit damage such as Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury will tremendously improve her killing power as a Marksman during the mid game.

During the late game, Blade of Despair is the best item that gives the highest amount of raw damage. Add in a Malefic Roar too and you will instantly tear down enemy towers in just a few shots.

Attack Speed (ASPD) Item Build

swift-boots-item-mobile-legendsSwift Boots demon-hunter-sword-item-mobile-legendsDemon Hunter Sword scarlet-phantom-item-mobile-legendsScarlet Phantom berserkers-fury-item-mobile-legends-4Berserkers Fury Corrosion Scythe blade-of-despair-item-mobile-legends-4Blade Of Despair

While the first build focuses on increased damage, this 2nd build is for boosting her attack speed even more.

Items that have %-based effects are perfect for this build to take advantage of the high attack speed. Demon Hunter Sword deals damage equal to 10% of the target’s HP. This is great for shutting down durable tanks.

Corrosion Scythe also has a chance to slow your enemy’s move speed.

These two items and the crit effects from Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom will benefit greatly from the extreme attack speed of Miya in this build.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how to use Miya effectively.

  1. Miya is a carry Marksman. Your role is to deal as much damage as you can during ganks and teamfights.
  2. Try to avoid teamfights and ganks during the early game. Miya is a late-game hero who needs items before she can actually make an impact. Just keep farming until you get your core items.
  3. Always try to max your passive skill “Turbo” stacks, i.e. always hit at least once enemy/creep before the timer ends.
  4. Use her Fission Shot skill when farming to easily clear creep waves. This is also great to keep triggering your Turbo stacks.
  5. Once you’ve obtained your items, you can start joining teamfights to help your team. But always keep farming still!
  6. During teamfights, always stay behind your tanks and teammates. Miya is a very squishy hero and quickly dies to Assassins and Mages. Positioning and map awareness is key!
  7. Farm, farm, farm!

Battle Spell



One of Miya’s weakness is her survivability and escape. Although she has her ulti, sometimes it’s not enough to escape battle or from a chasing enemy, and Miya is just too squishy. Flicker gives her an additional mobility. It can also be used to chase dying enemies.


If you’re confident about your positioning skills, you can go for Inspire for an additional overall damage output. Just make sure to keep a safe distance while shooting arrows—stay behind  your tanks!

Recommended Emblems


Miya’s Skills

Turbo (Passive)

Each time a basic attack hits a target, the hero’s attack speed will increase 5%, lasting 4 seconds and stacking up to 8 times.

Rain of Arrows

Cooldown: 10 / Mana Cost: 80

Shoots a barrage of arrows towards an area, dealing 5 hits of damage to enemies. Each hit deals 30(+15%Total Physical ATK) pts of Physical Damage. The arrow storm will slow the enemy, and after 4 hits, the enemy will be frozen in place for 1s.

Fission Shot

Cooldown: 11 / Mana Cost: 80

After use, each basic attack will fire two split arrows, dealing 5(+105%Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to the main target and 30% basic attack damage to the other target. Lasts 4s.

Turbo Stealth

Cooldown: 38 / Mana Cost: 120

Use to remove all movement-impairing effects from yourself and become invisible for 1.5s. Also raise your attack speed by 35% for 6s and movement speed by 45% for 1.5s.


What item builds do you use when playing Miya?

Comment down your tips and suggestions below!