Guide to Energy in Axie Infinity (How it Works, Tips & Tricks)


In Axie Infinity, Energy is a resource that is consumed everytime players battle in Adventure (PVE) or Arena (PVP).

Can I still keep playing even if I run out of Energy?

Which rewards do I get if I play without Energy?

Is there a way to increase my Energy so I can play more games per day?

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Energy in Axie Infinity!

What is Energy in Axie Infinity?

All players in Axie Infinity have an energy resource which can be seen in the main menu.

Players start with 20/20 Energy, and playing either an Arena or Adventure battle consumes 1 point of Energy.


Energy will be completely refilled every day during server reset.

This energy system in the game will prevent bots from exploiting the rewards, and will also prevent players from playing and earning too much SLP which can be bad for the economy.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase this limit by owning more Axies. (More on this below!)

How does Energy work in Axie Infinity?

Energy is consumed in both Adventure (PVE) and Arena (PVP). However, you can still play either modes even without energy, you just don’t get some of the rewards.

In Arena, you will need to have energy in order to earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards.

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You can still play PVP for fun and climb the ranks even without energy.

If you play Adventure Mode without energy, you will not be able to gain EXP for your Axies to level them up.

You can still earn SLP in Adventure even without energy, but it is capped at 50 SLP per day.


Take note also that if you lose an Adventure game, the energy consumed will be wasted, as you won’t receive any EXP.

So try to avoid taking on difficult Ruin levels where you always lose—back up a bit and level up your Axies first!

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How to Increase your Energy in Axie Infinity

You can increase your maximum Energy in Axie Infinity by holding more Axies in your inventory. This allows you to earn more SLP in a single day.

To do this, you just need to own a certain number of Axies.

Owning more Axies will increase your maximum Energy cap which is completely regenerated every day during server reset.

# of Axies You Own Energy per Day
3 – 9 Axies 20 Energy
10 – 19 Axies 40 Energy
20+ Axies 60 Energy

The stats or attributes of the Axies you own doesn’t matter, as long as you hold that specific number of Axies.

Tips on How to Use your Energy Efficiently

To make sure you are using your Energy efficiently, we recommend finding your “comfort levels” in Adventure, which can vary depending on your Axie team.

Try to find the farthest Ruin level that you can comfortably farm without getting KO’ed, to avoid wasting your precious Energy.

You will eventually get to the point where you can spam a certain level that allows you to max out your daily SLP cap.

Once you do, don’t waste any more energy on Ruins—it’s better to spend it on Arena where you can gain more SLP per win.

Keep repeating this strategy until you reach Ruin 21 which gives a one-time bonus of 200 SLP for clearing it.

This grinding process may take about 2 weeks before the game becomes comfortably easy. Don’t lose hope!

Once you’re past this stage, you should be able to easily farm in Ruin 20 which takes only a few minutes.


We hope this quick guide helped you better understand how Energy works in Axie Infinity, as it is one of the most important but often overlooked resource in the game.

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