Sun Best Build 2020: Hero Guide, Tips & Tricks

This Sun hero guide will help you learn how to play and master this powerful Fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Want to take charge of teamfights and win more games? Then read this guide til the end!


Sun, the Monkey King, is a Fighter hero in Mobile Legends known for his ability to summon clones that will fight alongside him in battle.

These dopplegangers are summoned by using his first skill and ultimate skill. Sun also has abilities that give bonus effects to his clones.

For example, his passive allows Sun and his doppelgangers to reduce the enemy’s defense by 6% on each attack. While his ulti allows his doppelgangers to recover Sun’s HP based on the damage dealt.

In addition, his clones can distract and confuse your enemies. They might even waste an important single target ulti on a clone!

Should you buy Sun?

If you like initiating teamfights and being in charge of battle, you should definitely try playing Sun.

He is also a good hero for split pushing thanks to the additional power of his clones.

Overall, Sun is a great Fighter hero and initiator and very fun to play.

Sun Item Build

Here’s our recommended item build for Sun:

Warrior Boots demon-hunter-sword-item-mobile-legends-9Demon Hunter Sword Corrosion Scythe endless-battle-item-mobile-legends-3-2Endless Battle Brute Force Breastplate blade-of-despair-item-mobile-legends-3-2Blade Of Despair

This build will give Sun decent attack damage and attack speed during the early game which scales well until the late game.

Warrior Boots will help Sun more durable with the stacking bonus defense effects.

Demon Hunter Sword (DHS) and Corrosion Scythe will be your two ASPD-increasing items which makes Sun into the raging, feral ape that he is.

DHS will help you deal with tanky heroes with high amounts of HP, because it deals percentage damage. In addition, it gives you a little bit of lifesteal for sustainability. You can swap the DHS and Corrosion Scythe order depending on the situation.

Endless Battle will further enhance your offensive capability with its bonus effects and the true damage bonus. You can go for Queen’s Wings as well if you prefer more survivability.

Finally, get Brute Force Breastplate or Athena’s Shield as your defensive item, then top it all off with Blade of Despair in the late game to finish your build.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how to use Sun more effectively:

  1. Stay safe during the early game. Just farm, clear waves and take jungles
  2. Once you get your core items (DHS or Corrosion Scythe) you can start joining teamfights. Target the squishy heroes!
  3. Charge only using your blink if your stick hits a hero and summon a clone
  4. Use your 2nd skill to charge into battle, then use Flicker for escaping
  5. You can use your ultimate to dodge some spells
  6. Your ulti is also great for pushing and taking down towers quickly
  7. Remember your objectives—keep pushing! Sun is great for split pushing, especially with Arrival battle spell.

Battle Spells


For Sun’s battle spells, we highly recommend Flicker as  your additional mobility spell. Use it to get out of battle instantly or for chasing enemy heroes.

Aegis is also a great battle spell for Sun which gives you more confidence during teamfights. Use this if you think you already have good mobility or are confident with your positioning skills. As an added bonus, Aegis has a lower cooldown than Flicker too.

Finally, you can also go for Arrival if you want to go for a super split pushing strat and just want to take down towers instantly. With this spell, you can push one lane and when enemies come to defend, go to another empty lane and push. Rinse and repeat.

Recommended Emblems


Sun’s Skills

Simian God (Passive)

Physical Defense of enemies will be reduced by 6% when they take damage from Sun or his Doppelgangers. Stacks up to 10 times.

Endless Variety

Cooldown: 11 / Mana Cost: 70

Sun hurls his Golden Staff towards a designated direction dealing 250(+60%Total Physical ATK) physical damage. Monsters or enemy heroes that come in contact with the Staff will be slowed by 60% for 2 seconds. Sun also summons a doppelganger to attack the enemies. Doppleganger posseses 40% of Sun’s stats and lasts 5 seconds

Instantaneous Move

Cooldown: 7 / Mana Cost: 60

Sun and his doppelganger launch an instantaneous attack against targeted enemy unit, dealing 180(60%Total Physical ATK) points of physical damage.

Clone Techniques

Cooldown: 36 / Mana Cost: 0

Sun summons a doppelganger that has 70%/85%/100% of his attributes. Doppelgangers take more damage. However, each of their attacks recover Sun’s HP. Doppelgangers last 12 seconds.


Do you love playing Sun, the Monkey King Fighter hero in Mobile Legends?

What items do you build for Sun and his clones? Got any tips and tricks to share with us? Drop them down in the comments below!