How to Play Bomb Crypto (Step-by-Step Guide)

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to start playing and earning with the new NFT play-to-earn game, Bomb Crypto.

(Disclaimer: Our articles and guides in are not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before putting money on the game and only invest what you can afford to lose.)

What is Bomb Crypto?

Bomb Crypto is the newest play-to-earn game that runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

In this game, you will assemble and manage a team of Bomber Heroes who will mine BCOIN tokens.


The mechanics are very similar to the classic Bomberman games.

One game mode, the Treasure Hunt, has an “idle/incremental game” gameplay where your heroes will do all the work for you.

BCOINs are the primary in-game currency in the game. It is used for several purposes such as buying Heroes and upgrading their stats.

How to Start Playing Bomb Crypto

To start playing Bomb Crypto, you’ll need some BCOIN tokens and use them to buy heroes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Create a Binance Account

You’ll need a Binance account to start buying tokens for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

If you don’t have one yet, you can easily register for an account here.

2. Buy BUSD tokens

You’ll need to acquire some BUSD tokens. This will be swapped later for BCOIN.

In Binance, go to P2P Trading and select BUSD.

You’ll need several BUSD that’s enough to buy at least 10 BCOIN.

To get an idea how much BUSD you’ll need initially, check the market price of Bomber Coin $BCOIN here and multiply it by 10.

Make sure to have some extra BUSD as well to account for gas fees.

Go to your Binance wallet and find your newly bought BUSD.

Click on Withdraw, then copy and paste your MetaMask wallet address in the “Withdraw To” Address field.

Make sure to select the BSC (BEP20) network, since this is where the game runs on.

4. Swap BUSD to BCOIN

Next, swap your newly bought BUSD for BCOINs using decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap.

The Official Contract address of BCOIN is 0x00e1656e45f18ec6747F5a8496Fd39B50b38396D.

You can check out the official tutorial on how to perform the swap here.

5. Open the web-based game

Once you have BCOINs on your MetaMask wallet, it’s time to finally run the game!

Go to to open the game on your web browser.

6. Buy Heroes in the Shop

It’s time to buy some Bomber Heroes! In the game menu, go to Shop.


You can purchase a random Bomb Hero for 10 BCOIN each.

Alternatively, you can also buy 10 Heroes at once for 100 BCOIN.

7. Get your Heroes to work

Now that you have a Hero (or a team of Heroes), let’s get them to work!

Open the Heroes tab to see the list of heroes you have.


Then, just click on Work on each one. They will now start mining for BCOIN!

8. Watch your Heroes hunt for chests and BCOIN

You can check your Heroes do the mining by going to Treasure Hunt.

What is Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is one of the ways to mine BCOINs in Bomb Crypto.


Once you’ve set your Heroes to work, they will run around the map and place bombs on treasure chests.

These chests will contain some BCOINS.

You can cash out your BCOINS once you mine at least 40 BCOIN. You must also have at least 1 BCOIN in your wallet.

You can use these BCOINS to buy more heroes or upgrade your current ones.

Or, you can sell them on the market via decentralized exchanges if you’ve made a profit.

Heroes have a set of stat attributes that determine how fast they are at finding treasures.

Rarer heroes with better stats will be more efficient at hunting chests.


For example, higher Power means more damage, and more Speed means they can move around the map faster.

Heroes will consume Stamina when placing bombs. Those with higher Stamina will can mine for much longer.

Once your heroes run out of Stamina, they will go back to Rest mode.